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14SepJuliet Martine Energy Healer Manife

As part of assisting you with moving through these times of immense change, Juliet is now providing a free weekly Facebook LIVE video call where she will discuss a different topic each week. The purpose of these calls is to help people come together, to share knowledge and wisdom, and to assist us all to shift our energy and live in alignment with our greater potential and purpose in being here.

During each call there will be plenty of opportunity for your to share and ask questions and connect with other like-hearted people like YOU!


Each week there will also be a guided healing meditation to assist all to be in the calming, soothing, healing energy that can support us going forward.

For there to be positive change in the world it begins with each of us taking responsibility for the energy we give out. The value of creating community is in realising that when two or more people come together, it increases the energy and makes it easier for us to make the shift rather than trying to do so on our own.


This is your invitation to join us and be part of that shift in energy.


We are living in challenging times, and if you’re here it’s because you’re not just meant to be a part of it, you’re here to play a role within it.


You matter. More than you might realise. By understanding the significance of the energy around you and how to shift your own energy to align with your greater potential, you will be better able to step into the fullness of who you truly are as you fulfil your piece within the bigger picture!


Join Juliet Monday night at 8pm Sydney/Melbourne time for the Facebook LIVE call - set a reminder on your phone, and then click on the following link: to go to Juliet's Facebook page just before 8pm and scroll down the page until you find the LIVE feed (sometimes it might appear in a pop up box). And then be sure to say hi and ask questions as the conversation unfolds.


If you have any questions in advance, please email, text or FB message Juliet.


Here's to riding the tide of change in 2020 and making it everything it is capable of being for you and I and everyone on our beautiful planet!!!

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