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10am-4.30pm, Sunday 12th May

Learn how to tap into your inner well of wisdom, guidance and direction to learn how you can navigate your way through life with confidence, clarity and the ease of knowing you are on the right track and aligned with where you are meant to go - always.​

Life is rarely a straight line. It can throw us curve balls that cause us to lose balance. We can arrive at a cross road and not know which way to turn. And we can get confused as opportunities come and go and we struggle to know which way is up!

2018 was an extremely challenging year for many. We have shifted into an era of accelerated change, uncertainty and opportunity. So how can we tell what we're meant to be doing, which direction we're meant to go, or what actions we need to take, when we are filled with all our fears, self doubts, mental stories, limiting belief patterns, and other people's views, judgements, and opinions that can make our pathway forward so difficult and confusing to know how to navigate?

Tap Into Your Inner Guidance. . . 

Join us at this one day workshop to Learn How To Navigate Your Future Path, Always. In this workshop you will learn how to develop a strong inner confidence and knowing to assist you to navigate your way through life, and the ability to trust that all is well and you are on the right path.

Learning how to navigate life's changes and challenges in this way means your journey can be easier, lighter, more joyful and inspired, and above all else more FUN!

What You Will Learn:

In this workshop we will explore:


  • How to develop the tools to be able to divine your future path, no matter what the situation, difficulty, or challenges you may face, so you can step forward every day with confidence in the knowing you are on the right path, always.

  • How to step out of the patterns of self doubt that can hold you back in life, so you can instead see a clear pathway and direction forward.

  • How to distinguish between the guidance of your mind, your imagination, other people’s opinions and beliefs, and the signs being offered to you, so you can discern what is real and right for you.

  • How to be accountable in ways that ensure you take action and move forward in life! 


If you would like to develop a strong inherent trust in your inner guidance to enable you to have full and total confidence in your self and the path you choose to travel, join us at this workshop to Learn How To Divine Your Future Path, Always.

Workshop Details:



When: 10am - 4pm Sunday 12th May 2019

Location: Awareness Institute, St Leonards, street parking available, walk to St Leonards station.

Cost: $55

What To Bring:

Snacks will be provided, however please bring your own lunch (we will have a lunch break).


Bring a journal book, pens, coloured pencils if you have them, a water bottle, and any other clothing you may require (air conditioning/heating can sometimes be unpredictable so please dress with layers for comfort).


The workshop will commence at 10am. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to start to allow time to register and get settled.

I look forward to seeing you there and to creating a wonder-filled day together!!!

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