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Stress, Anxiety, Relief

It's a fact of life nowadays that we are living in a HIGH STRESS world. Today's workplace is more pressured than ever. We work longer hours and face tighter deadlines with less resources. Add into the mix a more fractured social structure, financial strains, ever increasing materialism, and the stretching of the family unit often beyond breaking point, and we have all the ingredients for major burn out!

However, what causes us to feel stressed is our response to situations or events, rather than the events themselves.

We all have different triggers, hot buttons, reactions and thresholds. When we feel stressed, our body is in overdrive. Our adrenal system is on alert, causing physical changes in our body to occur, increasing our heart rate, decreasing the depth of our breathing, and redirecting our physical energy to our outer limbs to help us prepare for fight or flight. If the stress hormones that stimulate all these changes are not released, then we can begin to experience other effects in the form of sleep difficulties, scattered thinking, nausea, fatigue, hair loss, sweating, ear problems, poor digestion, and many more.

Clear Your Stress Response

The best approach dealing with stress is always to clear the stress at its source. That is, clear your response to the stressful situation by clearing the mental and emotional triggers. For those wanting more of a quick fix to alleviate the symptoms of stress, give one of these 10 INSTANT STRESS BUSTERS a try. They will help change the energy flows around you and within your body, to help you feel more grounded, centred and balanced in your energy.


1 - Breathe Deeply Our breathing is one of the first things to change when we are in stress mode. So slow down and take full deep breaths, through to the base of your lungs, expanding your ribs out to the sides, and fully to the top of your lungs. Pause. Then release the breath in reverse order. Repeat 10 times.

2 - Get Moving Stress fills our body with hormones, or chemical messengers that are intended to help us fight or flight from attackers. To release these hormones so your body does not remain stuck in overdrive, you need to do something physical. Go for a brisk walk, a jog, visit the gym, or get moving in bed!

3 - Drink Water Stress causes a strain on your kidneys and adrenals which in turn can lead to dehydration. So have a break and grab an extra glass or two of water, or better still go for a walk and drink a health-filled fresh juice. Steer clear of caffeinated drinks and alcohol though - they merely exacerbate dehydration.

4 - Get Outdoors The outdoors and anything to do with nature is wonderful for clearing and grounding your energy. Take a break, even if it is only 60 seconds and grab some sun, fresh air and if possible take your shoes off and plant your feet on a patch of grass to rebalance your physical and mental energies.

5 - Imagine Take a quick break by using the awesome power of visualisation. Your body and mind don't differentiate between what is real and what is imagined - so close your eyes and imagine being at your most peaceful place in the whole wide world. Call upon all your sense to really see, hear and feel everything around you in your beautiful place. Make it 100% real in your mind. Relax there and take a virtual break for as long as you can!

6 - Clear Your Space Sometimes when you walk into a room it feels like you could cut the air with a knife, it's so stale or thick with tension. If the area around you doesn't feel great, then you might need to clear it. You can do this by using a space clearing spray such as our Energy In A Bottle Sprays. It also helps to open windows, turn up lights, jump around a bit to physically move the energy around and sing as loud as you can to clear the air.

7 - Play Music Sound is a powerful way to clear stress and change the energy around you. Listen to your favourite music to lift or calm your energy. Better still, put on music that makes you want to get up and groove, and then do as your body wants... dance for a couple of minutes and feel your stress clear faster than you will believe. It is virtually impossible to really boogie and be stressed at the same time.

8 - Hand & Foot Rub Grab a few drops of oil and give yourself a hand or foot massage. The reflexology points in your feet and hands are connected to the whole of your body. Stimulating these points will give your entire body a gentle workout. Simply take two minutes to give your undivided attention to each hand and foot for 30 seconds at a time. This is an easy yet simple way to reduce your stress levels and help you feel nurtured and cared for in the process.

9 - Take a Bath If time allows, have a soak in a tub filled with warm water and a generous handful of sea salt. The sea salt helps to clear your auric field of stress and negative energies, and the water helps soothe your emotional energy. Try to have a bath once a week, or at least once a month as a bare minimum.

10 - Calming Oils Place a few drops of Lavender, Bergamot and Peppermint oils into your essential oil diffuser or apply at the back of the neck. The balancing properties of these oils will help relieve your stress and change the energy in the space around you for greater calm, acceptance and clarity.


Until next time…

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