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I read an article this morning by Haneke Manoharan, a woman who was in one of the hotel restaurants in Sri Lanka at the time of the recent bombing. Her recount was traumatic and heartfelt. What moved me most was her end comments: "I will return in time. I won't let the meaningless and mindless actions of these extremists taint my view or the connection I feel to such a warm-hearted and beautiful country. To let them do so would be to let them win and undo the hard-earned peace of the country.... this wasn't Sri Lanka, it was the actions of some extremely misguided people who failed to recognise that we are all part of the same race, the human race."

It is easy to become depressed with what is happening around the world. To feel helpless to change things. And to separate ourself from what is happening externally out in the world over there, so we can feel safe internally in our inner world over here.

However, what happens externally 'out there' on the other side of the world is also a reflection of what happens 'in here' in the collective heart of humanity. And we each hold a piece within that same one heart, as well as the power to influence our individual piece that affects the rhythm of its beat.

The current rhythm of the heart of humanity being reflected to us through the beat of world events is one of separation. Of us against them. Of a focusing on differences. Of a labelling of groups as being either 'for us' or 'against us.' And this adds fears to the energy of our collective human heart. Which then fuels our feelings of insecurity and widens the divide we feel even more. The more insecure we feel, the more threatened we will feel by those who are not the same as us.

And yet we are all one. We are all in this together. We are all part of the one humanity that walks this Earth. So if I wish to see a change in the beat of the heart of our common humanity, it begs the question: What is it within me that is maintaining this energy of separation? And how can I change the beat of my own heart to operate with a greater sense of oneness and harmony so I can add to the love and balance in the world?

The separation I feel with others is always a reflection of the separation I feel within myself. That I am not connecting with the heart of who I Be.

When I am connected with the heart of who I Be, with the heart of who I am and the divine magnificence that exists within me, I experience everything with a sense of oneness. Oneness with the heart of humanity of which I am part. And as I feel my oneness with all that is, so I change the rhythm of my own heart and the beat that is my individual contribution to the rhythm of the greater whole.

The more I connect with my heart, the more I connect with the Light within me, and the more I connect with the energy of love that resides within the heart of my Being. As I do, so I come to accept myself more with a sense of love. And so I feel more at one with myself and all around me. I feel my part within the oneness of Life. Spirit. The Universe. The All That Is.

By making a point to connect with my own heart, I do my piece to bring about peace. The little bit of peace I create within my inner world adds to the greater whole of peace that exists in the outer world. As above, so below. As within, so without. Everything is connected. And ultimately everything is all part of the One greater whole. When we lose sight of this we feel powerless to change things in the world. When we remember our piece within it, we become an agent of change.

What is one way You could move yourself beyond the pattern of separation to connect with the heart of Your Being and be more at one with Yourself?

What is one action You could take today that would assist You to connect with the heart of Your Being that You will radiate a little bit more love in the world? For You to simply be in Your heart and at peace with Yourself for just a moment?

Whenever You decide to take that action, You will alter the rhythm of Your heart and in so doing You will change the rhythm of the greater heart of humanity and add more peace in the world.

Just one moment is all it takes. And if you can take two? Wonderful!

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