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Anyone else noticed the age of Entitlement may be coming to an abrupt end? No longer are we able to demand what we want, just because we want it. Because we feel we deserve it. Because we say so.

The energy is shifting. Perhaps we're entering a new age now... an age of Contribution. An age in which we're being given the opportunity to ask: What is it I am willing to give rather than take?

With the Covid-19 crisis we're being shown that life is no longer just about me, myself, and what I personally want for myself. It's no longer about the individual person, social group, organisation, or even nation we might identify with. It's about appreciating the interdependencies of life and the interconnected nature of the greater whole of which we are all part. And appreciating the ways we can learn to work together to help ensure the survival of the many, rather than the few.

If we are to birth a new era out of this death of the old, perhaps we can start with asking ourself the most basic of questions: What am I willing to give in the here and now, to contribute to the greater good for all concerned?

Am I willing to change my behaviours for the greater good, rather than focus solely on what works for myself?

Am I willing to forgo individual short term freedoms, for the long terms gains of the greater freedom of the whole of mankind?

Am I willing to do with less, so others can have a more equal share of what is available to all?

Am I willing to bring my light into the world, to share my gifts, talents and abilities, without demanding I immediately receive recognition, fame and glory in return?

Am I willing to contribute patience, love, kindness, and care, to play my part while humankind rebirths itself during this extraordinary time?

Am I willing to be part of the solution to give where I can, rather than add weight to the problem by focusing on what I want to take?

Am I willing to spare a thought for others and send love and light to all, rather than focus on my concerns and worries that male my inner voice of lack and fear so loud?

The more we can learn how to work together not just during this time but beyond this period of physical distancing, the more our energies can unite as one, and the more it can ease our fears and insecurities, energise solutions, and take us into a new era of cooperation, collaboration and living in community as one whole family within our greater shared humanity.

The age of entitlement may be coming to an end. Perhaps, however, the energy that is currently being born is that an Age of Contribution has just begun. An age in which each and every one of us has a significant role to play and valuable contribution to make!

What's your sense of this new era? Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below. I'd love to hear your views and what you see unfolding.

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