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"Holy F*%#!"
"Blew Our Team Away!!!"
"Best Speaker I've Seen In Years!!!"

Looking for an Engaging, Entertaining and Inspirational Speaker for your Next Program or Event?

"Wow! We've had loads of speakers work with us who are either top level Stanford quality presenters who deliver the best business content with a clarity and style that half our audience loves and the other half zone out, or speakers who are top of the game when it comes to delivery of the best personal development material available where again half the people love it and the other half don't. Juliet is unique in her ability to deliver the best of the best on both.


"She was hilarious, delivered rich content, and had every person fully engaged and enthralled in a way that was highly relatable, and loads of fun. Best speaker we've had in ages. She absolutely nailed it!. The feedback we've had since the event has been awesome and we've already invited her back for more!" Courtney, Intimo


Not Your Average Speaker

Nothing worse than rolling out another cookie cutter speaker at your next program or event, right? Someone who right from the start you can feel it's all about them plugging their content rather than really caring about and connecting with the heart of your people.

The best speakers are those who not only deliver powerful content, but do so in a way that really moves your audience, shifts their energy, inspires them to take action, and creates tangible outcomes that leave your people talking about the workshop or event for ages because it was so friggin' good. Yes!?! Bring it!!!


That's Juliet's approach. She speaks from a place of powerful authenticity that engages your people right from the start. Baring all, Juliet gives 100% right from the start. No holding back. And in return your people cannot help but be inspired to reflect on where and how they can give 100% of themself to life also.

Help Your Team Shift Their Energy

Juliet speaks to a wide variety of topics to get your people moving, including but not limited to:

  • How to connect with your deeper Soul Purpose and Passion for greater Business Success

  • Mastering the 5 Steps of Manifestation to Create More of what you Love

  • Moving beyond Self Doubt to develop unshakable Self Confidence and Self Belief

  • Clearing Your Money Fears to enable greater Financial Success

  • How to be the Authentic You in All Aspects of your Life 


If your team, network, or community of listeners or viewers could benefit from exploring any of these topics, or you have another burning issue you'd love Juliet to address with your peeps, give Juliet a call and she'll be happy to discuss how she can best assist you to achieve your desired outcomes. Juliet tailors every presentation and workshop to your specific needs in a way that makes it easy and straightforward for you as the organiser, and highly engaging, powerful and rewarding for your audience.


"I can't thank Juliet enough for what she has done for my team.  So much of our journey in doTERRA relies on our ability to connect with our WHY, but it's not always easy to do. Juliet took my team on a journey - seeing and hearing their thoughts, helping them formulate them in such a way, that has left them feeling inspired, excited, and passionate about realising their dreams. But it's more than just doTERRA, Juliet has helped give my superstar team the thread that runs through their whole being... and will have them rise in their own way on their own terms.  Truely powerful stuff".  Tracey, doTERRA

"Over the past 20 years I've had hundreds of speakers come and speak at my events and I have to say Juliet is one of the best speakers I've seen!" Anna, Women's Networking Event Specialist

"I was on a high when I left the event. My head was spinning, so much information. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Wow wow wow. I was blown away! Fantastic evening, thank you so much."  Fiona, Intimo 

Want To Find Out More?

Juliet is available for key notes, networking events, workshops, break out groups, radio interviews, podcasts, online interviews. Basically anywhere she can assist people to shine at their best!

Simply contact us via email or phone 0413199649 to have a chat about your upcoming program or event and how Juliet can make it even more of a success for you and your audience.

"Holy shit balls!!! That was truly the best night since I can remember. I had absolutely no intention of staying due to a big day tomorrow, but I would be spewing if I'd missed hearing Juliet speak. I don't even know where to start, except to say thank you for introducing Juliet to us! I have a feeling we will be seeing more of her :) "  Casey

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