Tired of feeling Inadequate and Doubting your self?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every morning you woke up feeling good about yourself and confident in who you are!


For most of us though, our inner sense of self tends to be filled with stories of how inadequate we are. Of how lacking and not enough we are.

Not good enough... not attractive enough... not intelligent enough... not likeable enough... not successful enough.... 


All the beliefs we tend to form based on our habits of criticising and judging ourself, comparing ourself with others, doubting our abilities, and questioning our value and worth.


The thing is, every time we think these thoughts and feel these emotions, energetically we diminish our sense of self and cause ourself to feel even less worthy and acceptable, and even more anxious, worried and insecure.


Which causes us to then believe we must be missing something. That we're somehow broken or faulty. That we need to 'fix' ourself and find that missing thing so then we'll be ok. Then we'll feel loved and appreciated. Then we'll be able to receive the things we want to make us feel more happy and successful, right!?!

But what if who you are is already enough?


Exactly as you are?

What if...


   at the very essence… 



   of the deepest part… 

   of your innermost being…



       who you are….





















             exactly as you are.

What's YOUR  Inadequacy story?

Working as a Healer for the past 18 years, no matter who I work with or what their circumstances are, the single biggest stumbling block I've found that holds most of us back is our self esteem. Or lack of self esteem. All the ways we've become conditioned to believe who we are is lacking or inadequate.


The thing is though, when we believe we are lacking in any way, our inner feelings of lack usually then manifest as an outer lack or limitation in:

OUR BODY - we struggle with our appearance, feel body shame, have difficulty with weight issues, suffer from persistent health problems

OUR RELATIONSHIPS - we find it difficult making friends or attracting a partner, lack confidence in our interactions and intimate connections, adopt people-pleasing behaviours, don't prioritise our self, take things personally and become reactive, stay in unhealthy or abusive relationships

OUR MONEY and FINANCES - we spend more than we earn, give our money away, don't feel worthy of spending on ourself, struggle with unexpected bills every time we're getting ahead, remain caught in debt and are unable to build financial wealth

OUR WORK, CAREER and BUSINESS - we doubt our abilities, don't feel qualified enough, experience performance anxiety, workaholism, fear being seen, taking risks or making a mistake, hold ourself back from opportunities, find it difficult getting ahead, live a false projected version of who we think we need to be, lack confidence to speak up, block ourself from promoting our offerings in business

OUR HEALTH - we tend to worry, feel anxious, experience panic attacks, depression, eating disorders, excessive alcohol consumption, substance dependency, sleep difficulties, serious illnesses from living in a state of negativity, self-criticism and fear

OUR OVERALL APPROACH TO LIFE - we feel isolated and alone, like everyone else is getting ahead and life is passing us by, lack purpose and direction, try to control things, have difficulty making decisions, feel misunderstood and like we don't fit in, struggle with perfectionism, self-sabotage, lack engagement and a willingness to embrace new opportunities

All of which cause us to experience difficulties, to lose sight of who we are, to feel disconnected and disempowered, and to feel even more lacking in our happiness and joy.


An exciting new 6 week Online Program

with Juliet Martine

STRONGERWITHIN is a 6 Week LIVE Online Program designed to help you move beyond these patterns to shift the way you see yourself and realign with your TRUE INNER MAGNIFICENT ABUNDANT SELF.

Based on 30 years of personal spiritual growth and understanding as well as my past 18 years of professional work with thousands of clients around the world, I've created this program to help you reconnect with the inner you that is already more than enough, exactly as you are. The purpose of this program is to help you:


  • Become more aware of the collective energies that keep us trapped in false beliefs and emotional patterns that cause us to experience feelings of INADEQUACY and SELF DOUBT

  • Understand the VIBRATIONAL PATTERNS that are at the heart of your self worth, self love, self value, self confidence, and self belief, and

  • Learn how to clear your blockages, shift your energy and raise your vibrational frequency to realign with your higher authentic self and the DIVINE ABUNDANT YOU that is who you truly are at the DEEPEST LEVEL OF YOUR SOUL

STRONGERWITHIN is your journey to travel back home to the heart of your Being and free yourself from all that holds you back as you reawaken to your INNER RADIANT LIMITLESS SELF THAT ALREADY EXISTS WITHIN.




During this first week we will explore the single biggest reason people feel inadequate, lack self esteem and experience self doubt.


And you'll be thrilled to discover it has absolutely NOTHING to do with YOU! There's a reason we all feel this way, and in this first week we're going to deep dive into the heart of the matter to shatter the collective myth that's behind all the stories and feelings of not being enough that have been holding us all back.

What is covered during the Program?

Every aspect of our self esteem operates at a different vibrational level that shows up in our health, relationships, financial wealth, career success, purpose and direction. When we reconnect with our authentic inner abundant self we experience true abundance in all these outer areas.​


Each week the program we will explore a deeper spiritual aspect of who we truly are and how we can apply it to strengthen our sense of self in each of these areas:



During this session we will look at:

  • The energy of your self-worth

  • The key habits that keep you trapped in feeling a lack of self-worth

  • The higher spiritual truth that underlies your true self-worth

  • How to address the 3 F's of Fuckups, Failures and Forgiveness

  • Tools to move beyond anxiety and fear to anchor and ground your energy

  • How to develop unshakeable self-worth to receive more happiness, abundance and joy into your life



During this session we will explore:

  • The real energy behind your level of self-love (it's probably not what you think it is!)

  • The single biggest habit that prevents you from fully loving your self

  • How to transform people-pleasing behaviours and worrying about what other people think into behaviours that enable you to love yourself more than ever before

  • How to raise your vibration to tap into a higher frequency of unconditional love

  • Tools to develop unshakeable self-love to receive more love and loving relationships into your experience



During this call we will dive into:

  • The energy and vibrational frequency of your self-value 

  • How a lack of self-value holds you back in your work and relationship with money, wealth and financial success

  • The deeper spiritual truth at the heart of your self-value

  • How to stop comparing yourself with other people and transform jealousy into pure abundance  

  • The key to valuing yourself and knowing you are already more than enough

  • How to develop unshakeable self value to achieve greater success in all areas



During this session we will explore:

  • Where the true source of self-confidence comes from (and it has nothing to do with ego - quite the opposite)

  • The one thing you can change to instantly shift from a lack of self-confidence to never questioning it again

  • How to tap into your inner hidden gifts and abilities

  • How to stop taking things personally so your energy is anchored and strong

  • The key to developing unshakeable self-confidence to fulfil your greater potential



During this session we look at:

  • The vibrational frequency of self-belief and where it comes from

  • How to stop doubting your self and sabotaging your success 

  • The higher spiritual truth that is the foundation for true self-belief

  • The transformational energetic shift that will instantly free you from worry, anxiety and needing to control life, to feel more carefree and have a stronger trust in yourself than ever before  

  • How to develop unshakeable self-belief to step into the limitless possibilities and infinite opportunities available to you right NOW!

What does the Program involve?

STRONGERWITHIN is run over 6 consecutive weeks. Each week includes a 90 minute LIVE online Zoom call with Juliet

After each session you will receive a recording of the call, course notes, and guided tools and processes for you to use during the week to deepen your relationship with self and raise your energy and vibrational frequency. 


As part of the program you will also be included in an exclusive Private Facebook Group so you can ask questions of Juliet and be part of an intimate community that helps uplift and support each other every week throughout the journey.

We'd love you to be part of the community. As a new program STRONGERWITHIN is being limited to the first 10 ENROLMENTS and is currently being offered at a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY RATE of just $299 (AUD) for the AUGUST 2020 intake.

Is this Program for ME?

STRONGERWITHIN is for YOU if you know you tend to:

  • Get caught in patterns of negative self-judgement, self-criticism, shame, blame, or feelings of self-loathing or despair

  • Suffer from self-doubt, feeling inadequate or not enough in any way

  • Question your abilities and hold yourself back

  • Experience anxiety, worry, overwhelm, or fear

  • Self-sabotage your happiness, progress or success

  • Have difficulty making decisions or putting yourself forward

  • Feel disappointed you are not where you expected it to be at this point in your life

and you'd love to:

  • Feel more confident in who you are

  • Be more carefree and relaxed in how you experience life

  • Enjoy greater health and wellbeing in your energy and body

  • Attract more loving relationships into your life

  • Increase your level of financial wealth and strengthen your abundance mindset

  • Enjoy greater success in your work, career or business

then this is your pathway to help you come back into a more loving, accepting, supportive, and abundant relationship with yourself and the world around you.


In using the tools and processes shared during the program, at the end of the 6 weeks you will:

  • Feel a stronger sense of INNER PEACE and EASE WITHIN YOURSELF

  • Feel MORE CONNECTED with your magnificent Divine authentic self and WHO YOU TRULY ARE at the heart of your Being

  • Have a stronger sense of LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and RESPECT FOR SELF and OTHERS

  • Have a deeper understanding of your HIGHER PURPOSE and why you are here

  • Feel more ENERGISED and EMPOWERED to navigate life's challenges in new ways that enable you to MAKE THE MOST OF ALL LIFE HAS TO OFFER

When can I get started?

The first STRONGERWITHIN program will start 18th AUGUST 2020 and is being offered across two different groups to cater to different schedules and time zones. You can join which ever group works best for you! 


7pm TUESDAYS Syd/Melb 
18th August - 22nd September



10am WEDNESDAYS Syd/Melb
19th August - 23rd September 


5pm TUESDAYS LA / 8pm NY 

18th August - 22nd September

To enrol click on the button below. Once payment is complete Juliet will contact you to coordinate which group day/time you would prefer that suits you best.

If you are not sure if this program is right for you and/or you would like to discuss any questions or concerns feel free to contact Juliet on 0413 199649 or email: and she will get back to you asap.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you on your journey to become STRONGERWITHIN.

Have any questions?

Want more info about Juliet Martine?

Juliet has spent the past 18 years working as a healer and mentor with clients across the globe of all different ages, gender, culture, nationality, race, and profession to assist people to clear their blockages for greater health, wellbeing, improved relationships, career development, business and financial success, and clarity of life purpose and direction.

During this time she has authored two books: Bootcamp For The Soul and Manifestation Intelligence, facilitated numerous workshops, retreats, seminars, and keynotes across a variety of different audiences, business networks and organisations.

Juliet has spent 20+yrs understanding the energetics behind human behaviour, wellness, limiting belief patterns, and how we create our lived experience. She is passionate about assisting people to realise the magnificence of who they truly are, becoming more aware of the ways in which we heal, learn and grow through our individual and collective human experience.


Juliet has developed STRONGERWITHIN to assist individuals to realise their inner value and learn how to come into a more loving, authentic, soul-based relationship with themself, to experience greater inner peace and joy in all areas of life.

To find out if this program is right for you, feel free to contact Juliet on 0413 199649 or email her at and she will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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  • Juliet Martine - energy healer
  • Juliet Martine - energy healer
  • Juliet Martine - energy healer
  • Juliet Martine - energy healer