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About Juliet

Healer. Coach. Mentor. Speaker. Author.

People often see me as a confident person. As a child though, my sensitivity to other people's energies made me a perfect target for bullying. As an adult my sensitivity is now something I utilise every time I work with a client to tune into their energy and find out what's at the root of their problems and difficulties.

Every time I look beyond the surface symptoms of a person's challenges to identify what's going on energetically underneath, the insights and awareness that come forth continue to expand my passion and regard for human healing and our greater potentiality.


Changes - The spice of life

From my own experience, life changes can break us and they can also make us. For me it's been the changes in my life, some of my choosing and others not, that have added the spice that has enabled me to grow. 


I wasn't always a healer and spiritual teacher. In my previous life I worked 10 years in the corporate sector...

Until I had two children...  


And then I had my own version of what some might call a life crisis...


Which prompted me to discover my life passion...


And study for 3 years to become a healer.


Once I found my path as a healer I then navigated the ending of my 16 year marriage...


I discovered the freedoms and challenges that come with life after divorce...


I delved into the labyrinth of relationships as a single parent...


And I discovered I could write books, run workshops and do all sorts of things I never ever imagined in my wildest dreams.

Energy Healer Juliet Martine

And I learned a heck of a lot along the way.


I learned about raising children and how to manifest profound love on the other side of the globe. About surviving business challenges in an ever changing world and how to annoy the crap out of my teenage children. About the grief that comes with the loss of a loved one and the difference between moving through life's challenges with resistance and moving through them with grace. About the incredible gifts that come with spiritual awareness and what happens when we fall asleep at the wheel to our true self and play small.


More than anything I have learned from Spirit and from my clients. In working with Spirit I am constantly being shown what lies beneath humanity and the ways in which life plays out. And from my clients I am constantly learning about life, love, human conditioning, what it takes to stand in our greatness, and the power we all hold to shift our energy to create positive changes in our individual life and the world around us.


Each and every person I have worked with over the past 20 years has touched me deeply and it has been my clients that have been my greatest teachers and blessing in my life. As are my now adult children Tyrone & Cherice, and the newest member of our family Cho Cho who brings boundless energy and laugh-out-loud-you-crack-me-up-and-make-my-heart-melt moments of joy every day.

Energy Healer  Healing Consultation Juliet Martine

Having spent all my life living in Sydney, in March 2018 I decided to uproot myself from my comfort zone and move to Melbourne to be of service to the Melbourne community. The shift in geographic location generated an immense cascading effect in terms of my own internal shifts in awareness which has in turn deepened my work with clients and the levels from which I now teach.


After 2.5 yrs in Melbourne ​I recently moved to Holgate on the beautiful NSW Central Coast just 1hr north of Sydney and am loving living in collaborative community with the natural environment and the people here. I continue to work with clients in Sydney, Melbourne, throughout Australia and the world through Zoom, as well as seeing clients in person in my new clinic space whenever possible given our ever-changing Covid-19 restrictions.

TGP_Cactus_6432 2.JPG

The nitty-gritty. . .

As for the technical details I'm a fully qualified:


  • Energy Healer

  • Thought Field Therapist

  • Psych K Practitioner

  • Reiki Master

  • Manifestation Coach

  • Flower Essence Practitioner

  • Past Life Therapist 

  • and avid user of Essential Oils

What qualifies me more than anything is the past 54 years of combined life experience, personal wisdom, and intuitive knowing from having worked with thousands of people across the globe. And while I love working one-on-one with individual clients, I also have an immense passion for working with groups and audiences, both large and small, teaching those who are here to teach and make a positive difference in the world within their own lives and the lives of those they touch. 


If I can be of assistance to you please contact me and it would be my honour to work with you in whatever ways assist you best. 

Any questions?
Drop me a line,
I'd love to hear from you.
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