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Life Purpose Soul Readings

To discover our purpose is one of the most
powerful gifts we can give ourself.

Ready to Discover your Life Purpose?

'I know I'm here for a bigger reason... I just don't know what that is!'


'I'm at a cross roads and feel lost. I'd love some higher level guidance and direction to help me know what path to take.'


'I can feel I'm here to be or do something more with my life. I just need some clarity to know what are the next steps.' 

Life Purpose Soul Reading with Juliet Martine

Know you are here for a BIGGER reason?

If you’ve been feeling lost or stuck, that you're here for a bigger reason to be or do something more with your life but you're not sure exactly what that is, I want you to know that the inner stirring you've been feeling? That's the Universe's way of reminding you that now is the time for you to remember who you are and why you are here so you can fulfil your path and purpose in life. 

The thing is though, how do you know what your purpose is? Where do you look to find the answer? 


To your head that's filled with all the negative self talk, fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that bring you down? Or to your Soul that knows exactly who you are, why you're here, and what steps you are meant to take?

Discover your life purpose with a Soul Reading

For the past 18 years I've provided Soul Readings to thousands of clients around the world to assist them to have a more direct conversation with their Soul.

During a Life Purpose Soul Reading I tune into your energy on the Soul level, that level of your being from which you made the decision to incarnate, and I pass on whatever information it is your Soul wants you to know.


Information about who you are, why you are here, what are the gifts and resources you've brought in to deal with any challenges along the way, and what are the next steps to take for you to live in alignment with your purpose and potential.


During the Reading we will also address any questions you have about work, relationships, health issues, money patterns, emotional blocks, patterns of self sabotage, and anything else you'd like to explore. 


For those interested in past life information, that can also come through if it is relevant to help you understand any issues currently holding you back from fulfilling your greater potential.    


At the end of the Reading you'll receive an MP3 recording of your session to help you integrate the guidance and assistance that has come through for you.


How do I book a Soul Reading?

To BOOK A SOUL READING click on the button below and let us know where you're located and what dates and times would suit you best. Or phone 0413 199649 from within Australia or +61 413 199649 from outside Australia to make your booking. Juliet will then contact you to confirm a time and date that works for you. And if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out. 

If you would like to feel more contented that you are on the right path... to have a deeper understanding of what you are here for, what your greater purpose is... to have a deeper appreciation of what holds you back and how you can clear it...  to understand what it is you have come here to learn, what you are capable of, and what steps for you to take to help you get where you are going... a Soul Reading can open up the energy to help you realise the infinite possibilities that lay ahead. 

Soul Readings take an hour and are done by Zoom or in person . Juliet works with clients across the globe, so it makes no difference to the quality of the session where you're located as she tunes in on the level of the Soul rather than your physical being.

"This lady is the REAL thing! I can't believe how spot on you were and we weren't even in the same room together! Your guidance and direction opened up the doors for me to step forward into being the real me. Thank you so much!"  Susan

If you have any questions please click on the button below and I'd be happy to answer them. Or call me on 0413 199649 from within Australia (or +61 413199649 from outside Australia) and we can have a chat to see if a Soul Reading is right for you.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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