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We all deserve to be happy, healthy and well
on all levels of our Being. 

Energy Healing Consultations

Tired of feeling stuck?

'I'm tired of feeling this way... I just want to feel happy, healthy and well again.'


'No matter what I try I still feel anxious and stressed about my relationships and work and I want things to change.'


'I keep repeating the same patterns. I know there's something blocking me and I want to clear it.' 

Energy Healer Juliet Martine

Find out what's blocking you?

When we feel weighed down by stress or health problems, negative emotions, anxieties, or fears, or stuck in relationship issues, work difficulties, financial concerns, or issues from the past it can feel frustrating, annoying and limit our ability to be happy.

When your body isn't healing or things aren't flowing in your life it's usually because something is blocking you on an energetic level - be that limiting thought patterns or beliefs, traumas or issues from the past, angers or resentments, fears or self doubts, or old wounds or energy that no longer serves you.   


The key to any healing is your ability to clear these things and whatever else might be blocking you and holding you back.

Highly effective energy healing.

For the past 18 years I've assisted clients all around the world to help clear whatever is causing their health and life problems. Some of the problems addressed include:



  • WORK, career challenges

  • ANXIETY, panic attacks, depression, sleep difficulties

  • TRAUMA and LOSS, grief, difficulty getting over a life event

  • FEARS, phobias


  • DIGESTIVE issues, skin complaints

  • INJURIES that won’t heal, recurring or unusual health problems, unexplained health problems

  • Difficulties MOVING FORWARD in relationships, work (such as promoting yourself, public speaking, etc) and other areas of life

  • SELF SABOTAGE, procrastination, negative life patterns, difficulty making decision or creating positive life changes

Energy Healer  Healing Consultation Juliet Martine

What to expect during an energy healing session.

I work with clients by Zoom, FB Messenger, and in person. The process is just as effective regardless of where you're located. The initial consultation is 90 minutes and if follow up sessions are required it's usually one hour. 


During the sessions I work intuitively to identify the energy of what's going on underneath and how to clear the issues at the source so you can feel the shift within yourself.


Some of the tools I use include:


  • Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

  • Focusing 

  • Reiki (Master level III)

  • Psych-K®

  • Spiritual guidance

  • Meridian clearing

  • Transformational Dialogue Technique

  • Chakra balancing

  • Visualisations

  • Flower essences

  • Essential oils

  • Past Life Therapy

If you would like to visit our property on the Central Coast just 1hr north of Sydney, you are also welcome to do your session in person and stay a while to rest and replenish as the energy here is very healing for all who visit.


How do I book a healing session?

To BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT simply click on the button below and let me know where you are located and what days and times are best for you. I will then send you an email to arrange an appointment at a time that works best for you and confirm the details.


Or phone me on 0413 199649 from within Australia (or +61 413 199649 from outside Australia) if you have any questions as I'm here to assist you in whatever ways I can.

"The ulcer on my toe completely healed after just five days. Months of treatments and nothing had worked but one session with you and it was gone. I don't know what you did, and I don't care lol!" Katrina

Energy healing to clear your blockages

Having a Healing Consultation is a powerful way to clear what's blocking you and preventing your life from flowing.


During a Healing session I help you to tune in on a subtle level to get a sense of what's going on underneath - not just within your physical body, but also within your heart, mind, and spirit to help you understand what's keeping you stuck. 


One we've identified the blockage then we can shift and transform the energy so your body is able to naturally heal itself and you are able to move forward with greater ease, wellbeing and joy.

What's different about energy healing?

Working with the body's energy systems, subconscious thought patterns, and the subtle language of symptoms, I work intuitively to identify the source of what's blocking your energy and then shift the energy to clear it on all levels. Not just mentally or emotionally, but also on the physical level where it is often stored and on the spiritual level as well.

Unlike conventional therapies which can sometimes take years of therapy re-experiencing old hurts, traumas and pains, with energy healing most clients find it a much more gentle and easy process. One that also provides a greater level of personal awareness of the factors that have been contributing to your problems. And most clients also report they find this approach to be far more effective in providing lasting change as they experience considerable shifts in their energy that cause them to feel significantly better within themselves and their life.


If you have any questions or would like to find out more about booking a healing consultation, simply click on the button below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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