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with Juliet Martine


Make a brand new start in 2023!

Feel like it's time to start afresh and move on from everything that's happened over the past 3 years? Ready to step forward into 2023 with a whole new level of vitality and enthusiasm?


If you're ready to say 'goodbye' to the old energies of the past few years and to embrace limitless possibilities in 2023 so that this coming year is your best year yet, then join us at the 2023 New Year Retreat being held at Juliet's luxurious Santa Fe style Tuscan villa just 1hr north of Sydney.


Give your life a total overhaul

"I don’t know how I can even express what our time together meant to me as thank you doesn’t not reflect the level of gratitude I feel. I arrived feeling broken, lost, close to a nervous breakdown, and overburdened by over responsibility both on a personal and professional level.


Being present in your beautiful loving and enlivened energy and having the benefit of being in your sole focus during our time together, I left our retreat feeling transformed, optimistic, positive about the future, and with a solid plan for all aspects of my life to rebuild myself to something bigger and better than before. 


You gave yourself completely and willingly just to me, without any sign of bother or fatigue, for more than 30 hours of your attention, healing, love, and soul, all the while listening and providing incredible insights, advice and guidance to help me move forward towards a greater sense of enlightenment.


The setting of the retreat is healing in itself with its gorgeous spaces to curl up and read, dream and rest.  So many spaces to work on healing, each with their own special energy. Our beach walk and swim, only 10 minutes away was an added bonus and a real highlight for me and my healing.


I thank you from the bottom of my heart and would highly recommend this style of personal intensive healing retreat for anyone who has lost their way, feels overwhelmed or defeated in life, or simply needs a helping hand to find their way back to balance.


Juliet, you are truly inspirational and a blessing to all those lucky enough to meet you; an angel on earth."

The perfect Birthday or New year present

The 2023 New Year Retreat commences 10.30am Friday 6th January and ends 4pm Sunday 8th January.


It is being held at Juliet's stunning Santa Fe style Tuscan home on a sub-tropical property on the Central Coast, just 45mins north of Sydney from the Wahroonga freeway turnoff. 

This is an exclusive retreat and spaces are limited to just 10 people to ensure everyone has the space and assistance to totally relax, unwind, and go within to tap into the exciting new energies for the year ahead.


The cost of the entire 3 Day Program is just $1350 which includes:

  • 3 full days of teaching and sharing with Juliet Martine

  • delicious healthy vegetarian gluten-free meals and nourishing snacks (special dietary needs are also catered for where required)

  • extensive use of all facilities - enjoy a relaxing swim in the salt water pool, wander through the gardens, pick fresh veges in the permaculture garden, and sit in one of the comfy sofas on the sun-drenched wrap-around verandahs

  • free accomodation in one of the beautiful Tuscan styled twin-share guest rooms


Take it where ever you need to go...

This is YOUR time. YOUR life. YOUR opportunity to review, reset, reboot, and reignite your life path and direction.

Especially powerful if you are a small business owner or someone in a leadership position... if you're at a point in your career where you're questioning if you're meant to stay or go. Step in or step out. If you're feeling exhausted, have lost your passion, if you've been running things for a while now, are feeling exhausted by all the responsibilities, and are questioning whether or not you want to keep going.... 

Great for business leaders with ADHD... or if you know you tend to avoid or procrastinate on addressing things in your business or personal life, and you know you need to make the change but don't know how to go about it....

About Juliet

Juliet Martine has worked as a Healer, Author, Mentor, and Spiritual Teacher for over 20+ years. She has extensive experience having worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life throughout the world.


Juliet has assisted clients of all ages and paths to help them heal and clear blockages relating to:

  • physical, mental, emotional health problems

  • trauma release and inter-generational trauma patterns

  • relationship issues

  • career challenges

  • financial struggles

  • life purpose and direction, and

  • any other areas of life where people might be feeling blocked, stuck or having difficulty moving forward

Juliet also provides Intuitive Business Mentoring and Holistic Life Coaching to those clients who wish to move forward in the areas of business and life success.


Over the past 20 years Juliet has run countless workshops, retreats and training programs, both on-line and in person, sharing her experience, wisdom and insights in the areas of:

  • how to work with the chakra and meridian energy systems to clear your physical, mental and emotional blocks

  • manifestation and how to co-create the things you desire in life

  • how to increase self worth and self love to feel more confident and empowered 

  • how to create greater abundance in your health, wealth and relationships

  • how to nourish your relationships to become stronger together

Juliet has also authored 5 books in the field of personal development and spiritual growth.


If you would like to speak with Juliet about addressing any personal challenges or difficulties you might be currently dealing with, free to give Juliet a call on 0413 199649 or send an email using the button below and Juliet will get straight back to you.

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