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This afternoon I was in a clothing store looking at jeans and this lovely man came over to serve me. 'What size are you darling?' he asked. 'I'm usually a size 14,' I replied. 'Oh noooo, you're only a size 8 or 10 max,' he said as he handed me a smaller pair. I laughed out loud at his insistence that he was right, and as I steeled myself in the dressing room I called out, 'If you can get my thighs into a size 10 I'll love you forever!' Well he knew his stock and sure enough I was a perfect size 10 in that jean. I came out of the change room, clapped my hands on my arse and declared I wanted to marry him right there and then! While I was in the dressing room a second shop assistant came into the store. She was a tad jealous at our new new love affair, so every time the man gave me another size 10 jeans to try on she would tell him he was wrong and hand him the same pair in a size 14. He refused to give in and simply handed me the smaller pair which then fitted me perfectly! The point here isn't the size of my butt. The point is, who do you listen to in life? The nay-saying 'Realists' who insist on telling you how things 'really are?' Or the possibility-filled 'Dreamers' who are open to how things could be ? Manifestation Intelligence Principle #16: NEVER LISTEN TO A REALIST UNLESS THEY OFFER A REALITY YOU LIKE! When it comes to creating what you want in life, if you love your reality the way it currently is listen to the Realists. Listen to the people in your life that tell you how life really is based on the way it is at the moment. Focus on your current reality and argue the case that this is the way it is and always will be, and you'll manifest more of your current reality into your future experience! If, however, you'd like to change your current experience to manifest a different reality, then listen to the Dreamers. They're the ones that are open to new possibilities and the way things could be. Be a Dreamer and give yourself permission to focus on life being the way you'd really love it to be and convince yourself that THE WAY YOU WANT THINGS TO BE IS THE WAY THEY REALLY ARE! Even if it means everyone around you thinks you're a bit crazy, deluded or living in la-la land. It doesn't matter. Don't listen to the Realists. Be a crazy-maker! Afterall, it's the crazy-makers that dare to dream of new possibilities and end up flying us to the moon! Remember: When it comes to manifestation, anything is possible!

So the next time you see me shakin' my ass in my size 10 purple jeans... I give you full permission to pinch my butt and remind me that reality is whatever you allow yourself to dream it to be! Until next time...


Self Love, Self Confidence, Inner Truth

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