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Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th March 2023

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Change the way you see your self

If you're tired of all the negative self judgements and criticisms that hold you back in life, the feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness that cause you to question yourself and whether or not you're good enough, the fears and self doubts that sabotage your happiness and limit your success, this SELF LOVE 3 DAY WORKSHOP is absolutely for you.


For so many of us our inner critic can feed us a steady stream of negative self talk which create feelings of lack.

a lack of self worth...

self love...

self value...

self confidence...

self belief...

which can cause us to feel inadequate and 'not enough' in a number of ways...

not attractive enough...

qualified enough...

acceptable enough...

loveable enough...

intelligent enough...

interesting enough...

successful enough...

Self Love Retreat.jpg

Every time we tell ourself we're 'not enough' we reinforce the false belief we're somehow broken or missing something. That there's something wrong with us. That we're insufficient as we are. And in the process we diminish our sense of self and decrease our confidence and self esteem.


The more we compare ourself with others, the more we question our value and worth, the more we doubt whether or not we've got what we need in order for us to achieve the things we desire in life, the more anxious and insecure we feel. ​Not only in our sense of self, but in our work, our relationships, our body image, and everything else in life.


But it doesn't have to be this way...

"Just because your self worth, self love or self confidence might be low right now, it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way forever. You can do things to change it, to get yourself to a place where you are back in alignment with your joyful self. I now have the power and tools from Juliet's SELF LOVE RETREAT to change the way I see myself and I feel stronger than ever before." Megan

"It’s been awesome. Thank you so much. This retreat has changed my world. Having resources and tools that help you feel good and open all the time has been an absolute blessing." Lara

What's your lack of self love costing YOU?

When we experience a lack of self worth, self love, self confidence, self belief, it can have a negative impact in all the different areas of our life. It can create a sense of lack in terms of our:


BODY - not liking our appearance, body shame, weight difficulties, ongoing health problems

HEALTH - anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance dependency, addictive behaviours 

RELATIONSHIPS - difficulty attracting a partner, not fitting in, people-pleasing, staying in unhealthy relationships

FINANCES - financial lack, difficulty receiving money, struggling to get ahead financially

CAREER - doubting our abilities, not feeling qualified enough, imposter syndrome, performance anxiety, perfectionism, difficulty promoting ourself and/or our business​

HAPPINESS - feeling isolated, alone, that we're not where we want to be in life, lacking purpose and direction, finding it difficult embracing new opportunities

So how to change it? How do you embrace yourself in ways that you not only love and accept yourself more fully but you feel more positive and empowered within the core of your being that you move beyond the struggles to really THRIVE in life?


Join Juliet for the

Truth is, self-esteem is an inside job....

No one can do it for you.

It doesn't come from anyone or anything outside of you.

And it's not something we're taught in schools.


Whether you experience a lack of self love, self confidence, self worth, self value, or self belief... each of these qualities are intrinsic to how we see our self and interact with the world around us.


If we want to feel happier and more confident in who we are, we need to come into a more loving relationship with our self - it's that simple.


Which is why Juliet has created the SELF LOVE 3 DAY WORKSHOP to help you change the way you see your self and develop a stronger more empowered relationship with your self, from the inside out. 


Based on 20+ years working with thousands of clients around the world, this 3 day program will help you awaken to your more empowered enlivened authentic self, to experience a stronger sense of self worth, self love, self value, self confidence, and self belief, on every level of your being.

"This is one of the most profound programs I have had the privilege to experience. I am now more comfortable within myself, I am more accepting of who I am, and the impact for me has been incredible. So enriching and just what my soul needed."  Michelle H


"This course was totally created for me!!! The timing has been perfect and instinctively I've known it's vital for me to reconnect with my authentic self. A huge thank you for a beautifully presented and supportive program."  Vanessa

"I’m so glad I’ve done this program. I’ve already felt significant shifts and changes in the way I think about myself and see myself and my life. And it’s given me loads of tools I can refer back to whenever I need them. I’m really thankful for having been part of this workshop and to have connected with all the other people doing it also, to realise I'm not alone."  Donna

What's included in the program?

The SELF LOVE 3 DAY WORKSHOP is being held in the healing space of Juliet's beautiful property on the Central Coast, just 45 minutes north of Sydney. This sub-tropical property is the perfect space for you to let go of all those outdated thought patterns, habits and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, as you reconnect with your more authentic self to experience a greater sense of wholeness, self acceptance and love. 

During the three days Juliet will share with you a variety of different meditations, exercises, tools, and heart-focused processes to help you step into your limitless self with greater confidence, ease and joy than ever before. 


Over the course of the three days together we will learn how to:


  1. Break free of the UNDERLYING MYTH that is the source of EVERY feeling of INADEQUACY and SELF DOUBT 

  2. Step into being in a more LOVING and ACCEPTING relationship with your self

  3. Strengthen your core foundations to develop an UNSHAKEABLE level of SELF WORTH, SELF LOVE, SELF VALUE, SELF CONFIDENCE, and SELF BELIEF 

  4. Utilise empowering tools to REALIGN WITH THE LIMITLESS ABUNDANT DIVINE SELF you truly are


​And you get to do all this while being immersed in the beautiful healing energy of Juliet's stunning property with its Santa Fe Tuscan style villa and studio space. Just being on the property you will notice how healing it feels as the elements help you to anchor and ground your energy, reconnect with your authentic self, and be nurtured and loved on a deeper Soul level.

Throughout the three days you will also get to enjoy:


  • meeting new friends as you connect with other like-hearted souls

  • dining on delicious freshly prepared vegetarian meals shared together in the massive kitchen and on the outdoor deck overlooking the beautiful tree-filled vista

  • luxuriating in the spacious villa style surroundings including the salt water pool, studio space, and countless areas for you to simply sit and take time out


At the end of the weekend you'll be more anchored, grounded and realigned within your self. And you'll naturally feel lighter, more confident and empowered in who you are to live your life differently going forward.

Book Your Spot TODAY! Places strictly limited

The SELF LOVE WORKSHOP is being held over three consecutive days:


  • 10.30am - 6pm Friday 3rd March

  • 9am - 6pm Saturday 4th March, and

  • 9am - 4pm Sunday 5th March


The cost of the 3 DAY PROGRAM is $1350 which includes:

  • 3 full days of teaching with Juliet Martine

  • delicious healthy vegetarian gluten-free meals and nourishing snacks (special dietary needs are also catered for where required)

  • use of ALL the facilities - enjoy a relaxing swim in the salt water pool, wander the gardens, pick fresh veges in the permaculture garden, or sit in one of the countless comfy sofas on the sun-drenched wrap-around verandahs

  • FREE ACCOMMODATION for Friday and Saturday night in one of the beautiful Tuscan styled guest rooms FOR THE FIRST 8 PEOPLE TO BOOK (alternatively, you are welcome to make your own sleeping arrangements if you live locally or would like to stay at a nearby airbnb)

Guest rooms Self Love.png

Not sure if this program is for YOU?

The SELF LOVE 3 DAY WORKSHOP PROGRAM is for YOU if you know you tend to:


  • Get caught in patterns of negative self-judgement, criticism, shame, self-blame, or self-loathing

  • Experience self-doubts, feel inadequate or not enough in some way(s)

  • Question your abilities and hold yourself back, consciously or unconsciously

  • Experience worry, overwhelm or fear(s)

  • Sabotage your own happiness or success

  • Have difficulty making decisions, prioritising yourself or putting yourself forward

  • Feel disappointed that your life is not where you thought it would be at this point in time

If you can relate to any of the above, this SELF LOVE 3 DAY WORKSHOP will help you to:

  • Feel more at peace within your self

  • More confident in who you are

  • Have a stronger sense of self worth

  • Create an abundance mindset

  • Enjoy more vitality and wellbeing  

  • Attract more loving relationships

  • Improve your financial situation

  • Strengthen your belief in your self and your ability to succeed 

If this is something you'd love to experience BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW


In just 3 days YOU COULD BE FEELING:

  • MORE AT EASE within your self


  • MORE LOVING and ACCEPTING of who you are




If you're ready to change the way you see yourself BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW!


Places are strictly limited and the first 8 people to book will receive FREE ACCOMMODATION in one of Juliet's villa guest rooms. So click on the button below, phone Juliet on 0413 199649 or send an email to juliet(at)julietmartine(dot)com(dot)au to RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY.

And if you have any questions feel free to contact Juliet to arrange a free zoom chat so you can explore if this workshop feels right for you.

About Juliet

Juliet Martine has worked as a Healer, Author, Mentor, and Spiritual Teacher for over 20+ years. She has extensive experience having worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life throughout the world.


Juliet has assisted clients of all ages and paths to help them heal and clear blockages relating to:

  • physical, mental, emotional health problems

  • trauma release and inter-generational trauma patterns

  • relationship issues

  • career challenges

  • financial struggles

  • life purpose and direction, and

  • any other areas of life where people might be feeling blocked, stuck or having difficulty moving forward

Juliet also provides Intuitive Business Mentoring and Holistic Life Coaching to those clients who wish to move forward in the areas of business and life success.


Over the past 20 years Juliet has run countless workshops, retreats and training programs, both on-line and in person, sharing her experience, wisdom and insights in the areas of:

  • how to work with the chakra and meridian energy systems to clear your physical, mental and emotional blocks

  • manifestation and how to co-create the things you desire in life

  • how to increase self worth and self love to feel more confident and empowered 

  • how to create greater abundance in your health, wealth and relationships

  • how to nourish your relationships to become stronger together

Juliet has also authored 5 books in the field of personal development and spiritual growth.


If you would like to speak with Juliet about addressing any personal challenges or difficulties you might be currently dealing with, free to give Juliet a call on 0413 199649 or send an email using the button below and Juliet will get straight back to you.

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