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So you've finally got extended time off. Woohoo! Now you can get to work on that incredible six-pack you've been wishing you had for so long! Or not!?!

As these lock down days slowly turn into weeks, are you finding you're not actually all that motivated to get up off the couch and do the things you've previously said you wanted to do, 'if only you had more time'?

Truth is, if you'd really wanted the abs of a body-builder or whatever the equivalent wish-list might have been for you, you would already have it. If it had really mattered to you, you would have already made it happen because that would have been your priority.

Often times what we say we want, and what we actually want are different.

Now that so many of us are in isolation staying at home, maybe it's a wonderful opportunity for us to re-evaluate what it is we find ourself striving for. For us to use this gift of quiet time to retreat within and reconnect with the heart of who we are and what is actually most important to us. For us to get clear about what it is that will make the greatest difference to ourself and the lives of those around us when we finally come out the other end of this period of pause.

We can look upon this as a time of isolation to be endured. Or we can look upon this period as a precious gift of time being given to us to invest in a deeper exploration of what it is we value most, so the structures that previously held our life in place can break down and reform in ways that move us in the direction we truly want to head going forward.

Yes we can use this time to get fitter. To relax more. To learn a language. To practice a musical instrument. To do an online course. To come up with new business ideas. To spend time in the garden. To cook nutritious meals. To write that book. To take up yoga. To start that volunteer group. To pursue our passion. To become more actively involved in an environmental or humanitarian cause.

And... or... we can use this time to really re-evaluate what it is we truly want. To go within the heart of our Being and ask ourself at an even deeper level, what matters to us most?

Are you willing to allow everything you previously knew and thought you wanted, to completely break down and dissolve during this time, such that you allow everything you are really here to embody and become to now be born anew?

The more willing we are to let go of what we previously thought we wanted and to sit within the empty space that remains, the more we will hear the quiet whisperings of our Soul as it reminds us of what matters to us most and who it is we have actually come here to become.

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