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Name one other time in the history of humankind, that the entirety of our species has had to come together to ensure the survival of our people around the world? A time when we have had to work together as one people in a shared and coordinated effort, for the greater good of all concerned? A time when there has been no common enemy other than mankind's vulnerability to that which has been beyond its control.

In times of world wars, nations may have come together, but they were pitted against other nations, and mankind was at war against itself. In previous times of disease outbreak, individual nations have taken action, but the global communications networks were not developed yet to facilitate such a speedily coordinated effort across the globe.

Never before have we been in such a situation where there is so much vulnerability and ability for us to come together to work as community to help and assist all involved.

Perhaps the key to our immunity exists in our community. That we will develop i-mmunity when we learn how to develop co-mmunity... the willingness to come together, in the knowing that when two or more people gather together the energy is stronger both in spirit and in physical capacity. That for the 'i' to develop i-mmunity to survive the challenges and difficulties of the world we live in, it requires us as individuals to be willing to work together as 'co'opertives, 'co'llectives, and 'co'laborative entities comprised of many individuals.

Think about it for a moment. How can we use co-mmunity to strengthen our i-mmunity?

How can we come together in new ways to assist and support each other individually and collectively, that together we can be stronger and achieve even more than we could on our own?

Feel free to share your thoughts and contemplations in the comments box below, and let us come together to support and uplift all not just during this time of physical isolation but also beyond it for many years to come :).

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