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I am only just coming to fully realise and appreciate the value of working together. Of learning how we can come together to work as one to assist with the greater whole of which we are part. And how by focusing on the bigger picture beyond self we contribute the best we have to offer, rather than the least we are willing to give because we are fearful of going without.

How ironic, that such an awareness is rising up during a time when many of us are isolated and having to stand physically apart. It causes me to reflect on the question: How can we learn to work together more, even when standing apart?

Be that physically apart in the same room, on opposite sides of the globe, or even in our perceived separation from Spirit and the non-physical world of energy and light.

You and I are individual parts of a much greater whole. Of many greater wholes. The greater whole that is our family. Our community. Our work-based team or organisation. Our society. Our country. Humankind. Life on Earth. The consciousness of our Universe. And on, and on it goes. Each and every one of us here to play our individual part within each of the greater wholes of which we are part.

If we are part of something, there will be purpose to it. We will have a part to play. A contribution to make. Something of our self we are here to give that will assist that greater whole in some way.

My sense is that in this time of stillness between what was and what is to become, we are each being given an opportunity to reorient and realign ourselves, individually and collectively, toward what that piece is we are to contribute. That when we allow ourself to be still and stand in our individual truth and magnificence, we become more and more clear about what we are to contribute as part of the greater whole. And then the question becomes one of, how can we come together to contribute our individual parts more effectively? Perhaps by realising we are all equally significant interconnected parts within a much greater whole, and that everyone has a part to play to contribute to the greater good for all.

How about you? How can we come together more effectively, while having to stand apart? Feel free to share your thoughts and contemplations in the comments box below, and let us come together to support and uplift us all during this time of physical isolation and beyond.

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