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If we look at the global situation at the moment and reflect on its significance and what it might be showing us in a collective light, my sense is we are being given a wonderful demonstration of life and how interconnected everything is.

None of us are immune to this health concern and its flow-on effects. No one is separate. We are all in this together. What affects one, affects the many. Each of us is an individual part within the one greater whole of humankind. And each of us is responsible for the choices we make, the energy we give out, and the consequences we create.

At a practical level one of the things this virus is providing us an opportunity to learn is how we can better work together as individual parts within a larger whole, for the greater good of all concerned. Within our homes, our work teams, our local communities, our nations, and our global society as a whole.

At a collective level this shared experience is also providing an opportunity to see we each have a part to play, that every person holds value, purpose and significance, and that we all have the power to choose what energy we wish to contribute. Not just toward the wellbeing of our fellow-man through our actions to contain the spread of this virus, but toward the greater wellbeing of our entire planet as a whole. Something Mother Earth has been reflecting back to us for decades now. And perhaps now our individual health, lifestyle and financial situations feel at risk it might trigger us to become more motivated to change our ways going forward, inspired by what is in the interests of the greater good for all concerned?


My sense is that the opportunities and possibilities being offered each of us at the moment are limitless. Each of us are being offered opportunities to:

Be More Present - to really enjoy what is available to us in the moment; to feel thankful for the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water that cleanses us, and the sun that warms us; to appreciate the true value of that which we already have: to appreciate the love of those who care about us and to expand the love we offer to self and others; to let go of judgement and be in loving acceptance of all that is.

Share The Care - to be kind to self and others; to smile at strangers; to remain connected in the heart and realise our interconnectedness and that we're all in this together; to check in on our neighbours and ask if there's anything they need; to imagine sending out ripples of healing, soothing energy across the planet every time we wash our hands; to remember to laugh and have fun with a lightness of being, despite the appearance of the circumstances we may find ourself in.

Work Together More - to learn how to come together in greater cooperation, collaboration and community, even if required to keep physical distance for a while; to move beyond fear, anger, annoyance, and frustration, and instead choose to share the energy of LOVE, JOY, CONNECTION, and POSITIVE POSSIBILITIES in our thoughts, words, actions, and intent; to align ourself with that which is for the greater good as we learn to put the 'we' ahead of the 'me.'

Step Forward In Leadership - to hold a positive vision for how the future might be; to start that community garden; to shop local; to speak kind words and do kind deeds; to reconsider what is essential to us and what might not be such a priority; to consume less and give back more; to realise our shared humanity; to be vulnerable in our humility; to offer a wave of love across the planet for all sentient beings; to have compassion for those who are suffering; to allow the light within us to fountain up like a wellspring of bubbles of enlivening energy.

Maybe 2020 is gifting us the opportunity to change our world in positive ways well beyond the limiting effects of a physical virus. To look to the future as we shift how we choose to be in our world right here in the now that is today, that in years to come we are able to look back on the past in celebration of 2020 as being the year that humankind took the opportunity to change its course BECAUSE OF that novel coronavirus. And thank goodness we all did :)

COVID-19? Or COVID-2020?

Copius Opportunities for Valuable Inspired Direction in 2020 :)

What light-filled opportunities to SHIFT YOUR ENERGY will YOU now choose to embrace?

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