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How To Turn Around A Life Crisis

We often use the expression ‘Opportunity of a lifetime’ to encourage ourselves to make the most of those once-in-a-lifetime-moments-of-opportunity that sometimes present themselves in our lives if we are so fortunate.

However, what about those once-in-a-lifetime-crises that also present themselves? Are we meant to simply battle against these moments as we try to outrun the pain and suffering they cause? Or are we meant to make the most of our life crises as well, perhaps digging a little deeper to find the hidden gifts and opportunities presented in those ‘not so pleasant’ experiences in life?

Whether it be a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity or a once-in-a-lifetime-crisis, both can potentially provide healing, learning and growth if we learn to approach them in the right way.

Fill Yourself With Love

When dealing with a life crisis, be it a job loss, divorce, illness, trauma, the loss of a loved one, or any other situation or experience that causes us suffering, worry and pain, the first step we need to learn is to ‘Fill Yourself With Love’.

When we get caught up in a crisis we can find ourselves moving into the place of fear, losing our grounding and centredness in the process. Remembering to bring love to ourselves and the situation, to fill ourselves up with love from the inside out, is vital to remedy this, and part of what we are meant to learn from our crisis.

If life is challenging, remember to reground yourself within your physical being and reconnect with your higher spirit. The best way to do this is to breathe deeply and fill yourself with love from above and below. Remind yourself to love yourself more, to know that you are loved by spirit, and to remind yourself that the source of all love is right there within you. Take time each day to breathe deeply and reconnect with the earth, your heart space, and your spirit. Feel the love within you and feel the love of your higher self flowing down through you into the earth. Fill yourself up with love and let its healing energy ground, centre and soothe you.

Accept What Is

The second step in dealing with a life crisis is learning to ‘Accept What Is’.

Whatever our life crisis is, no matter how terrible or bad it may appear to be, what is ‘is’, and the sooner we can accept that fact and deal with it, the sooner we can stop fighting with it and adding to our own suffering.

When we resist what is, we fight with the flow of life. We keep a hold of the very thing we want to move away from. The more we resist it, the more we hold its energy firmly in place in our lives, and the longer it stays with us.

It’s easy to assume that if we accept something then we will be condoning it and giving it permission to stay in place in our lives. But actually the contrary is true. When we learn to accept what is, we stop resisting it and focusing on it, and this in turn enables the energy to start shifting and to clear. When we move out of resistance and into acceptance, we allow the energy of the crisis to flow where ever it is that life needs it to flow, such that things can move forward more easily. So in ‘accepting what is’ we actually help enable the energy to pass, rather than keeping it stuck in place and causing us more suffering. Which brings us to the third step in uncovering the hidden gifts in any life crisis….

Drop Your Stories

When we’re in crisis we inevitably start telling ourselves stories about our crisis, ourselves, the world around us, and about what we fear will happen next. Whether these stories are positive or negative, expansive or limiting, is up to us. But any story that is negative or limiting in its nature will only serve to worsen our own suffering and extend our crisis.

It is our stories that add to the drama of what’s happening in our lives, generating further illusions that can then manifest because we believe them to be true. Working our way through our stories and understanding the truth or falsity of them, helps us to take back our inner power in any situation and reclaim our wholeness and greater magnificence, regardless of what is or isn’t happening around us.

Whether it be a story about how our life will be over, that no one will love us, that we will be left homeless or starving or destitute, that life is always a struggle, or that life has lost all meaning, these are all simply stories we’re telling ourselves that do nothing to help our own situation. And more often than not they are simply not true.

No matter what our situation, every crisis offers us the opportunity for us to become more aware of the stories we’ve been telling ourselves and to choose to write different stories that expand our lives and remind us to appreciate the beauty and joy that is within us, even when times are challenging. If we can learn to write ourselves more positive new stories, whilst filling ourselves up with love and letting go of any resistance to whatever is happening, then we will be transforming our life crises into life opportunities. Then we will be guaranteed to uncover the priceless gems hidden beneath the surface, appreciating them for their beauty and power as they light the way forward for us to be enjoying greater health, wealth and happiness on all levels of our being.

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