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How To Manifest With Success

I recently had a miracle occur in my life. I’d had a health problem for a while and I’d been trying absolutely everything to get my body to heal. But nothing I was doing was making any difference whatsoever, if anything it was just making the problem worse. To the point that I became so frustrated that eventually one night as I was brushing my teeth and going to bed I said to the universe ‘Forget it! I give up! You win! I don’t care about it any more!’

When I got up the next morning, as if by the hand of God, I found that my body had been completely healed! The health problem that was there the night before was gone! Totally healed! My body was 100% better! It was a miracle!

We deem something to be a miracle when something happens that is beyond the powers of our rational explanation. Logic would have said that in order for my body to physically heal, something had to happen first to enable it to take place the way it did. And yet I hadn’t done anything that night to instigate my body to heal. Or had I? The only thing I had done was to give up. I absolutely 100% gave up on manifesting the good health I so desperately wanted to achieve. Yet when I gave up, that’s when my miracle occurred and what I wanted magically appeared. So what was it about giving up that enabled what I wanted to literally appear over night?

The Secret To Manifesting With Success

I now realise that when we are able to truly ‘give up’, energetically we actually trigger 3 things to occur.

# 1 - We LET GO of our FEARS

Firstly, in the process of giving up we let go of our fears. Most of the time when we really want something to manifest or appear in our lives, it’s because deep down inside we’re actually fearful of what will happen for us if the thing we want doesn’t happen.

We want to attract a great new relationship, because we’re fearful that if it doesn’t happen we’ll be left all alone. We want to attract greater financial abundance because we’re fearful that if it doesn’t happen we won’t be able to afford what we want in life.

When we have a fear underlying our desire to manifest something in our lives, the energy of the fear burns away the energy of our positive intent, wish or desire, before it’s even had a chance to take root, and we create an energetic attachment to the thing that we fear.

When we reach that point of giving up, we actually move beyond our fear and release ourselves from its bind. This then frees up our desired intent to start growing ‘energetic roots’ in the physical world so that it can start manifesting into our experience.


The second thing that happens when we give up is that we drop any mental stories that might have been sabotaging our manifesting. Mental stories such as how we are not good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, lovable enough to get what we want. Mental stories about how the thing that we want will be so difficult or hard to get, how it will take a long time, how it happens easily for other people but not for us.

Whenever we tell ourselves a story that is contrary to the direction we want to be heading, it effectively undermines and sabotages the manifesting of our intent.

When we give up and stop trying to get the thing that we previously wanted so much, we put a stop to the telling of all those stories that were unknowingly blocking us from allowing what we wanted to come into our lives.

#3 - We stop INTERFERING

And the third thing that happens when we give up is that we get out of the way and stop interfering with the natural processes of the Law of Attraction.

When we are able to give up, we stop trying to force things to happen the way we think they have to happen, and we stop doing things that may have previously been limiting the way in which what we want was able to happen. As we give up and move our attention to focus on things other than what we were previously trying to manifest, we stop holding onto our originating desire and that then enables the universe to start bringing our intent into our reality with greater ease.

And that for me was the biggest lesson from experiencing my miracle. What I wanted to happen was able to happen, literally overnight, when I simply got out of the way and stopped interfering with the natural organising forces of the universe.

I thought that we were the ones that had to make things happen in our lives. Now I truly understand that we are not. We are the ones that create the originating desire or intent and put it out there. We are the ones that take action to help what we want to manifest. But we are not the ones that do the ‘doing’. That is the job of the natural laws of attraction and the organising forces that operate within our universe.

Our job is to simply get out of our own way and stop sabotaging things, so that the universe can do what it naturally does, which is bringing the energy of our intent into physical form in this matter-based world. And what a fun and fulfilling experience that can be, if we can learn how to let go and truly enjoy the process!

Until next time…

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