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Manifest With Greater Success

Recently a friend asked me about my understanding of the power of intention. She was encountering difficulties in business and was questioning the process of how to manifest success.

Intention is Everything.

Manifesting success is an active process. The key to this process is your INTENTION. Intention is everything. Intention is the POWER that drives the manifestation of a new reality. Consciously setting our intentions and making them real by writing them down or stating them out loud (using another person as a witness) is a powerful way of directing our ENERGY.

What ever we intend, what ever we wish to manifest, whatever we bring our awareness to, is where our energy will be directed. Remember - energy flows where attention goes.

Be Aware of Your Motivation

Of course, the power of our intentions is always underpinned by the nature of our underlying MOTIVATIONS. So the first question in working with intentions is to ask ourselves: Why? Why do we want to attract that which we are intending to manifest? If fear is the underlying factor at the foundation of our intentions, then what ever we fear will be part of what we manifest. So be clear as to your motivation, first and foremost.

It's all very well to have positive intentions to succeed in business, to want a full life, or to desire good health, but if our intentions are undermined by the fear of being poor, lonely or sick, then we will attract that very experience as a way of clearing ourselves of the negative energy of our fears. This is where much of the power of manifestation comes unstuck.

Sue came to my clinic explaining that she needed to increase client numbers to help her business grow. The problem was that she had a real blockage around promoting herself, particularly cold calling.

As we worked to clear the emotional factors that were causing her to procrastinate in picking up the phone to make sales calls, we set a plan of action in place and sealed it with the power of her intention.

The next week Sue returned to my clinic stating that she was too busy to implement her plan of action as she had received a few new clients this week and things were now looking up.

“That is the process of manifestation” I explained. When you are 100% focussed in your intentions, the world around you starts to align with those intentions, and you become like a magnet attracting that which you intend to manifest.

“However,” I warned her, “should you decide not to carry through with your original intentions, then realise that your energy will shift and you will no longer be sending out the same energy of attraction.”

Sue decided to heed the warning and continued through with her intended plans. As a result her business is now on a path of growth and she is thriving.

4 Steps to Manifest your Success

If you wish to more actively engage the process of manifestation, follow these four simple but powerful steps:

1. Clear your underlying fears and have positive foundations as the core of your Motivation;

2. Be specific in your Intentions;

3. Be focussed in your Plans;

4. Make sure that you follow through with Actions that are energetically aligned with that which you are wanting to Manifest.

Remember, manifestation is an ACTIVE process. It does not mean that once we have clarified our intentions we sit back and wait for the universe to make it happen. Unless we put energy into our intentions in the form of planning followed by actions, then our intentions remain no more than an inactive wish list.

By following the above four steps you will align your energy fully with your intentions and the world around you will synchronise with your energy, attracting to you that which you seek to manifest. This is when magic happens and everything comes together for us as we manifest with success.

Until next time…

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