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Manifest With Greater Success

I'd like to ask you a very important question: Why are you here? Okay, so it's not a new question, and you've probably asked it before, but it is a fundamental question that sooner or later we all ask ourselves in order for us to live with a greater sense of meaning, purpose and joy. So if the question is such a common and inevitable one, why do we find it so difficult to answer? Perhaps we're asking the wrong person. When you ask yourself the question ‘why am I here?’, who is it you’re you asking?

More often than not we're asking our personality self. That aspect of our consciousness that’s limited by our thinking mind. But it wasn't ‘you’, the personality ‘you’, the human being ‘you’ that made the decision to show up here this lifetime. That decision was made by your Soul. Your Soul self was the one that decided to incarnate into this life. So really, you need to direct your question at the level of your Soul if you want to find the answer. But sometimes that’s difficult to do for ourselves, so that’s where a reading can be helpful. Whenever I do soul readings for people asking their Soul why a person has come here this lifetime, the answers generally fall into three categories:

  • The person is here to embody a particular energy or vibration. They are here to carry a particular energy this lifetime such as love, joy, harmony, a lightness of being, or compassion, and to share this with the world around them as a healing gift to themselves, humanity and the whole of life.

  • Others are here to learn a particular aspect of themselves. To learn how to be in their power, to live with an open heart, to be authentic, to apply their wisdom, or perhaps to live the path of forgiveness and inner peace.

  • And some people are here to be agents of change. They are here to do a particular job as a catalyst in raising awareness, consciousness and behaviour in areas such as self awareness, the environment, business leadership, humanitarian issues, or relationship matters, for the greater benefit of everyone.

Which Category Are You?

So how do you know which category you fall into?

Well to start with, it helps to sit and contemplate each of the above three aspects. Ask yourself the following questions, simply inviting the answers to come from your Soul rather than trying to force them to come by engaging your mind:

1. If I were meant to embody a particular energy or vibration during my time here on earth, what energy or vibration would that most likely be?

2. If everything that’s happened so far in my life were trying to teach me something about myself, what would that most likely be? and

3. If I could change anything here on earth, what would I most want to change?

Sit with your answers for a moment. If you received an answer to more than one question, notice if there’s any difference in the significance of each of the answers. Perhaps all three aspects feel equal in their energies and you are here to fulfil several different purposes this lifetime. Or perhaps one aspect resonates at a more powerful level for you, and this is your Soul’s primary purpose this lifetime.

Just by asking yourself these three simple questions you’ll begin to touch upon a deeper connection with your Soul Self and a greater understanding of your potential here on earth. What ever answers come to you, they will provide you with powerful insights and guidance as to the direction you’re meant to be heading. Asking Your Soul

Of course, the best thing to do is to converse directly with your Soul Self. That level of your consciousness which had a purpose in mind when it intended you into this lifetime. Take some time out to create a still space and then sit quietly and set the intention that you wish to connect with your Soul Self. Feel the focus of your attention shift to that higher level as your energy raises with your intention. Then ask your Soul to tell you why you are here. Sit quietly and allow the answer to come to you, in what ever form it does. It may be a word, an image, a symbol, or a feeling. What ever comes, just sit with it and sense into it.

It may not come straight away. It may not come today or even tomorrow. It may require you to come back and to ask the same question of your Soul every day for the next week, month or even year. But I promise you that if you set the intention that you want to know why you are here, and that you keep asking the question at the higher level of your Soul, the answer will come. And when it does, it will resonate at such a deep level that it will fill you with love and make your Soul sing. For you are here for a reason. Everyone is. And that reason is unique to you. That is what makes you so special...

Until next time…

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