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As I filled my car up with petrol recently, I watched the dollars tick over on the petrol pump and a thought flashed through my mind, 'Jeez, that's friggin' expensive! I wonder if I can afford this!'

I'm not sure why I thought the thought.

But the moment I did I felt my anal sphincter literally tighten and contract. Yup! I kid you not! I was having a 'tight arse' moment. And not the sexy 'have you been working out at the gym lately?' kind. No. This was the scarcity mindset 'tight arse' kind. And it showed me exactly what happens when we focus on thoughts of not having enough - our energy tightens and contracts.

Whenever we think thoughts of scarcity, of not having enough, of there not being enough to meet our needs, our energy contracts.

And as it contracts, so it draws more of the very thing we're focusing on to us.

Let me repeat that in case you missed it. As our energy contracts, so it pulls to us the very things we are focusing on that are causing our energy to contract.

The more we think scarcity-based thoughts, the more we draw scarcity, tightness and constriction into our reality.

That's the way manifestation works - whatever vibrations we offer into the quantum field, that's the type of vibrations we attract into our experience.

Whatever we focus on

we draw into our experience.

If you want to manifest more lack, focus on what is not enough. Focus on what you feel is missing from your life, what is inadequate, not good enough, not right, what you wish was something different to what is.

If you want to manifest more abundance, focus on what is enough. Focus on acceptance of what currently is, on what is already abundant, on what you are thankful for, on what is to be appreciated in life. Focus on the plenty that already exists in the world and celebrate it. As you celebrate it, even if it is in the hands of others, so you open to the energy of it in a joy-full, open-hearted, expansive way and so you move beyond the scarcity and contractive nature that is 'lack' to raise your own vibration to be at one with the abundant expansive energy you are focusing on.

If, you'd love to attract more of anything joyful into your life - more plentiful energy, love, financial flow, friendships, success, anything you like - then focus on the plenty you already have. Focus on the all that you already have in your life and that you are living in an ever-expanding infinitely abundant universe where there is more than enough money, energy, love etc to go round. And as you fill up at the petrol bowser, or withdraw money from the ATM, or look to find a new soulmate, remind yourself of this abundance and open yourself to allowing it to flow into your experience. Imagine infinite resources flowing into your life and feel the abundance of positive, expansive, light-filled energy and opportunity overflowing within you. Until next time...


Self Love, Self Confidence, Inner Truth

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