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Today is MOTHER'S DAY and I have blood on my hands.

As I peeled fresh beetroots in preparation for our Mother's Day lunch, I looked down at my hands and they were blood red.

It made me think about all the blood that mothers have shed over the eons to provide for those they nourish and support.

As my hands became more and more stained, I felt heartfelt appreciation for all that the mothers of the world have given me.

I felt appreciation in my heart for my own mother. The blood she gave of her own body to nurture me in her belly. And the love and support she has given me every day since.

I felt appreciation in my heart for mother Earth. For all the plants and animals that have given of their energy to nourish me, to keep my body well, to feed me with nutrients and love.

I felt appreciation in my heart for the sacred divine feminine. For the blood that she sheds with every passing cycle, with every birth of something new, with every beat of the Universal heart.

And I felt appreciation in my heart for the nurturer within us all. For we all have both the feminine and masculine energies within us.

I invite you to celebrate today the mother creator and nurturer within you. Without her feminine energy you wouldn't be able to create, manifest or make real anything in your life, for it is the mother feminine energy that is the Divine spark of creation that is at the source of all you are, all you do, and all that you make manifest in this world. Happy Mother's Day to us all :)

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