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Last month I ran a manifestation workshop for 5o people. I did the entire workshop standing in my underwear.


Because you can't hide anything from the Universe. It always knows what's going on underneath.

Admittedly the workshop was all women who sell the beautiful range of Intimo underwear. However, before I ran the workshop I asked my higher self for guidance as to how I could best assist these women to break free of all the limiting self beliefs that hold them back in their business and their life. The answer was to do the entire workshop in my underwear.

So at the start of the workshop I gave everyone a choice:

OPTION #1 - I could do a 90 minute workshop in which

they would learn what manifestation is, how it works, and how they can use the principles to assist them in their every day life, OR

OPTION #2 - I could do a 90 minute workshop in which we would dive deep, get up close and personal, and really look at all the fears and negative self talk and self doubts and limiting beliefs that go on underneath that cause us to hold ourself back in life, and how best to clear them.

They voted for Option #2. And so I immediately stripped off my clothes and we spent the next 90 minutes together being real and vulnerable and honest and authentic and really looking at all the stuff that goes on underneath that we don't want anyone to see.

In my willingness to bare all it gave everyone permission to do same. To be real and honest with themselves and each other, and to let go of the barriers that can create fear and separation, to instead realise we are all in this together to help and assist each other to stand in the fullness of our Light.

For me it was one of the most fun, liberating workshops I've run. The shift in people's energies was palpable as the women who attended became more aware of the ways in which they had been holding themselves back and made the decision to let go of all that is false so they could free themselves to move forward.

The lesson for me was to listen to my inner guidance, to be willing to be bold and to not be frightened of taking risks. Lessons I now apply in my daily life. I don't walk down the street in my underwear. But I do now make the choice to be real, to fully accept who I am as I am, and to share my Light in the world without the need to wear any masks or worry about what other people think.

What's does your inner guidance tell you? And are you willing to be bold and act on the guidance you receive, even if it means occasionally taking a risk? I'd love to hear from you!


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