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Sometimes life is like a mirror. What occurs around our world can be a reflection of what is occurring within our individual consciousness as well as the greater mass-consciousness of humankind.

In this sense, what is happening with Covid-19 and our individual and collective response to it can offer us a mirror to see ourselves more clearly and bring to the surface our hidden unconscious patterns and habits.


The crisis currently unfolding around our globe is new for us all. For many, we can find ourself naturally feeling worried, anxious, stressed, and fearful about what the future holds. By becoming more aware of our reactions to the current situation and what this might be reflecting back to us about our unconscious patterns, it can assist us to navigate our future path in ways that might support us better during times ahead.

When things are uncertain and feel outside your control, how do you generally tend to respond?

Mentally what thoughts do you tend to think? Where do your thought patterns lead you? How quick are you to look for the negative? To judge, criticise or point the finger of blame?

Emotionally how do you react? Do you step into worry, anger, fear? Do you feel anxious, doubt yourself, tend to panic? Do you make yourself feel better by judging others, adding to the collective energy of emotional reactivity by being reactive to the reactions of others?

Physically what are your behaviours? What things do you tend to do? How aware are you of your actions and habits? Of the consequences that result from the choices you make?

And spiritually, how awake, alert and aware do you remain? Do you ignore the signs? See yourself as being separate to everyone else? Not notice or care unless something is having a direct impact upon yourself, perceiving global issues as someone else's problem?

How we react or respond during times of stress as is currently the situation, provides a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon how anchored and grounded we are within our energy. How connected we are within our inner knowing and guidance. How objective we are in our understanding and awareness. And how mindful and discerning we are in the choices we make and the actions we take.


You and I may be just one person, but the energy we give out has a ripple effect that impacts all around us. From the people we pass in the street, the people we communicate with online, those we buy products and services from, to the things we vest our focus and attention in, the impact we have on others through the energy of our thoughts, words and emotions, and the effects we have on the environment and planet we live on through the choices we make and the actions we take.

The question is: What kind of ripple effect would you like to create?

If everything is interconnected and I am a significant piece within a much greater whole, what kind of energy would I like to spread? What kind of effect would I like to generate in the world around me, especially during this time when there is so much stress already rippling through our world?


It may take a year or more to develop a vaccine to prevent the spread of the physical COVID-19 virus. In the meantime though, how can we take more responsibility for the energy we give out right now today and in the coming days, weeks, months ahead?

What thoughts, feelings, actions, and intentions could we be offering right now here today in this present moment that might inject more light-filled positive energy into our individual state of being and the world around us, that together our individual ripples might combine to create a much greater wave of care and compassion?

If you'd like to explore what energy you could be contributing right now, grab a notepad and pen, connect in with your heart space, and take a moment to reflect on the following questions:

  1. Physically, what actions could I now take that might infuse my energy with greater care and responsibility for the planet I am living on and all upon it?

  2. Mentally, what thought patterns could I now think that might imbue my energy with unconditional acceptance and non-judgement for myself and those around me?

  3. Emotionally, what feeling states could I now embody that might shift my energy into an even deeper state of inner peace, balance and harmony?

  4. And spiritually, what practices could I now adopt that might fill my energy with a more connected, expansive, healing love for self and the world around me?

Note down whatever responses you receive, and contemplate what action steps you can take to follow your guidance and when you will put them into action.

When I asked myself these 4 questions I was shown more than a dozen ways I could be more light-filled in my energy in the here and now, generating many ripples of kindness and compassion simply through changing the way I show up in life. How about you? Maybe we could share our ideas as we take this opportunity to look more deeply into what life is reflecting back to us, to see ourselves more fully and contemplate how we wish to contribute going forward through our individual and collective energies.

What kind of ripple effect will YOU create? Feel free to share it in the comment box below :)

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