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Online Program with Juliet Martine 

Life would be so much easier if we all saw things the same way, right!?!

While it might be easier, it would also be boring, as it's our diversity of different ways of being and doing that enriches life.

So why then is it so difficult for us to see beyond our differences, to be able to get on and be happy together? What is it we need to cultivate for us to develop a deeper level of connection and cohesiveness? To enable us to come together in ways that we are stronger together and able to enjoy life more regardless of our struggles, challenges and difficulties.


STRONGERTOGETHER is a new program developed by Juliet Martine to help people learn how to come together  in a more cohesive, effective and heart-centred way. Be that a friendship, intimate relationship, family unit, work-based team, business organisation, community association, or any other group.

The purpose of the program is to provide ways to create greater alignment of energy, harmony in being together, and to strengthen our ability to achieve our desired outcomes working together more easily and effectively.


Everything shared in this program can be applied in all group settings in all areas of life.

Who Is It For?

STRONGERTOGETHER is currently being offered as a private program to individuals and couples who would like to strengthen their relationships, intimate partnership, and/or improve the dynamics within their family unit as a whole.


While it is the adults who participate in the program, you will be able to immediately share and apply all the understanding, insights, skills, and tools you develop during the program with your partner, children and any other relevant family members and/or groups you might be part of.

How The Program Works

The program is run over 6 consecutive weeks, each week involving a 90 minute live online session with Juliet and yourself (be that you as an individual or you as a couple or partnership).


During each session you will need to have a laptop/computer and be in a comfortable setting free from interruptions so you can fully focus and share in the learning experience.


After each session you will receive homework so you can immediately put it into practice what you've learned into your everyday life. 


During the 6 weeks you will also be encouraged to explore the various ways you can apply your learning to other areas of your life, including with your children, work colleagues, and any other groups you might be involved in, so you can experience multiple benefits across all areas of your life.

What Will We Cover During The 6 Weeks?

Week 1 - Creating A Strong Foundation

Understanding the challenges and establishing a strong base from which to anchor and align our combined energies by:

  • Exploring why people find it difficult to get on

  • Tapping into our innate knowing of what heartfelt connection looks and feels like

  • Exploring what is at the heart of our purpose in being together

  • Creating a shared intent that inspires all within the relationship, family, group, or team

  • Strengthening our sense of connection with self and other

  • Finding ways to put our shared intent into action within our day-to-day experience 

Week 2 - Focusing On The Value Of Working Together

Understanding and exploring the 4 Elements of Value by:

  • Appreciating the concept of 'value' through a different lens

  • Exploring the value of being together as a team

  • Identifying the values we wish to uphold within our relationships, family, group, or team

  • Recognising and appreciating the value each person contributes within the relationship, family, group, or team, and how we can support and assist each other to share the unique contribution we are here to bring

  • Exploring the value we as a group can bring to the greater community of which we are part

Weeks 3, 4 & 5 - Finding New Ways To Work Together

Looking at 12 Codes of Behaviour and how they can assist us to come together in ways that change our patterns and strengthen our alignment of energy, individually and collectively, for us to achieve our desired outcomes with greater effectiveness, ease and joy.

Each week we will explore:

  • 4 different codes of behaviour

  • The ways in which each behaviour impacts our relationships and outcomes

  • Where we experience the most difficulties with each behaviour

  • What opportunities might be available if we are willing to develop and strengthen each behaviour

  • How we can work together to assist and support each other to be our best self and create more harmonious flows within the relationship, family, group, team as a whole.

Week 6 - Bringing It All Together

Reviewing what changes have occurred and how we can become even STRONGER TOGETHER going forward through:

  • Exploring what aspects have been strengthened during the past weeks

  • Discussing behaviours that can corrode relationship cohesiveness and take us backward

  • Identifying what elements would benefit from further strengthening

  • Looking at how we can continue to step forward in ways that we become even stronger together in our relationships, family, group, or team

What Commitment Is Required?

To participate in this program it requires a commitment to attend 6 weekly live video calls with Juliet at a regular day and time of your choosing. Once a day/time has been set, this will not be changeable except in the case of  unforeseen emergencies.

As a new program, STRONGERTOGETHER is currently being offered to a small number of individuals and couples at a reduced rate of $995. Payment plans are available upon request, and this fee is fully refundable if, having completed the 6 weeks of the program and applied the tools you've received, you feel you have not benefitted from your investment. 

What Outcomes Can We Expect?

The purpose of the program is to bring everyone together to operate from the same strong foundation, to strengthen the sense of connection, and to operate as a much stronger, more cohesive heart-centred team.

At the completion of the program you can expect to:

  • Feel a greater sense of connection within your relationships, family, group, or team

  • Have a deeper sense of purpose and shared direction to move forward together with greater unity

  • Have a stronger sense of appreciation and respect for each other and all within the group

  • Feel equipped with effective tools to help respond to relationship road bumps and navigate life's challenges in ways that bring you even closer together as a couple and/or family, group, or team

  • Feel more confident as role models in the behaviours you are embodying and teaching to your children and/or team members

  • Feel more resilient as a couple and stronger as a family or group to work together as a cohesive, cooperative and collaborative heart-centred team

When Can We Start?

Juliet is available to conduct the program during business hours, evenings, and also Saturdays and Sundays for those couples who might find it difficult to arrange a babysitter during the week.

As soon as you can find a regular date and time you can commit to each week, simply contact Juliet on 0413 199649 or email: and we will send you enrolment details so you can get started.

If you are not sure if this program is right for you and/or you would like to discuss any questions or concerns you might have, feel free to contact Juliet on 0413 199649 or email: and she will get back to you asap.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you on your journey to become STRONGERTOGETHER.

Want More Info About Juliet Martine?

Juliet has spent the past 18 years working as a healer and mentor with clients across the globe of all different ages, gender, culture, nationality, race, and profession to assist people to clear their blockages for greater health, wellbeing, improved relationships, career development, business and financial success, and clarity of life purpose and direction.

During this time she has authored two books: Bootcamp For The Soul and Manifestation Intelligence, facilitated numerous workshops, retreats, seminars, and keynotes across a variety of different audiences, business networks and organisations.

Juliet has spent 20+yrs understanding the energetics behind human behaviour, wellness, limiting belief patterns, and how we create our lived experience. She is passionate about assisting people to realise the magnificence of who they truly are, becoming more aware of the ways in which we heal, learn and grow through our individual and collective human experience.


Juliet has developed STRONGERTOGETHER to assist individuals to realise their inner value and learn how to come together within intimate relationships, families, business units, and community organisations to operate as cohesive teams with a greater level of connection, care, understanding, harmony, and joy.

To find out if this program is right for you and your partner, please feel free to contact Juliet on 0413 199649 or email her at and she will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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