Foundational Training
with Juliet Martine

After working with thousands of clients as a Soul-Based Energy Healer for the past 20 years, it's now time for me to share what I've learned about the mind-body-spirit connection with those who would like to deepen their understanding of self and others.

If you would like to learn more about the energy systems of the body and what your body and life might be telling YOU about what's going on underneath, I invite you to join me for this SOUL-BASED ENERGY HEALING Foundational Training course that you may heal, learn and grow in ways that take you further on your life path to fulfil your greater destiny.


The way I work is different to most other health professionals. My work assists individuals to learn, grow and evolve on a spiritual level through working with whatever symptoms are showing up on the physical, mental, and/or emotional level.


I see physical health problems, relationship issues, career difficulties, and other life challenges as being our Soul's way of showing us where our energy has become stuck or blocked, for us to then clear and release it so we can move forward in life with greater ease, wellbeing and joy.


In this light I always seek to uncover, release and clear any negative thought patterns, emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and unresolved soul-based energies as these are gifts being presented to us as an opportunity to learn, grow and liberate ourselves to become our truest most authentic Divine Self. 

Understanding subtle energy and the specifics of the mind-body-heart-soul connections is central to this sacred, profound and highly rewarding Soul-based work.



The SOUL-BASED ENERGY HEALING FOUNDATIONAL TRAINING is for anyone interested in learning more about energetic healing and the mind-body-heart-soul connection. It is for You if you are:

1 - An Individual Wanting To Heal - This course offers the opportunity to identify and clear your energetic blockages more fully. Everything taught on this program will be actively applied to your individual journey for you to shift and transform your energy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at the deepest levels. It provides a highly effective and deep-dive pathway for your personal healing, learning and self-discovery. 

2 - A Health Professional or Practitioner - For those currently working as a Life Coach, Counsellor, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Social Worker, Naturopath, or any other health profession this course will expand on your current knowledge and provide you with new awareness as to exactly what your clients' symptoms and issues are communicating, and how to assist them to heal more deeply to become more internally aligned and empowered in their life.

3 - Interested in doing Healing Work - For those who might be feeling called to explore working as a Healer to assist others on their journey, this program provides a foundational level of understanding and is a prerequisite should you wish to do further Advanced Soul-Based Energy Healing professional training with Juliet. 



The SOUL-BASED ENERGY HEALING FOUNDATIONAL TRAINING is a 4 month course designed for you to better understand energy and how it works, the subtle energetic bodies and energy systems of the body, and how to work with your own energy to shift energetic blocks for you to move forward with greater clarity, ease and joy.

The Foundational Training includes 5 core modules:

  1. Understanding Energy Healing - understanding the principles of energy, vibrational medicine, how it relates to health, wellbeing and vitality, and it's role in personal growth and life transformation

  2. Subtle Anatomy I -  understanding the energetic flows through the meridian system and how to work with release points to clear our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks for improved health and wellbeing

  3. Release Point Tapping Sequences - how to utilise tapping well beyond standard EFT with an advanced understanding of meridian release points to clear energy at a deeper level for more lasting transformation and soul-directed healing

  4. Subtle Anatomy II - in-depth exploration of the Chakras and the role of our subtle energy centres in determining our health and wellbeing and providing a pathway for greater personal transformation

  5. Chakra Clearing Techniques - how to open, balance and clear your chakras to allow for greater wellbeing and awareness


At the end of this Foundational Training you can expect to have learned energy-based tools and processes to help you:

  • Raise your level of self awareness and consciousness

  • Shift your internal energetic blocks

  • Feel lighter and more empowered within your self​ moving forward

  • Strengthen and develop your internal guidance and intuition

  • Expand your understanding of Soul-Based Energy Healing processes for those who might be interested in doing Advanced Professional Training with Juliet (this Foundational Training course is a prerequisite)


This course offers you the opportunity to gain significant insights into your self and those around you. As well as providing you with grounded, highly effective tools and processes to utilise the rest of your life to help you deal with future challenges in a more effective and productive way.

You will also benefit from working up close and personal with Juliet as you will have full access to Juliet throughout the course for ongoing assistance, awareness and support.


The SOUL-BASED ENERGY HEALING FOUNDATIONAL TRAINING will be held over 4 months commencing Monday 7th February

Course content will be delivered through:


  1.  Weekly online Zoom classes held 7-9pm (NSW time) every Monday evening (for those unable to make this time an alternative day/time will also be considered), and

  2. A 3 Day Residential Retreat held Friday 10th - Sunday 12th June at the Centre for the Rising Up Community, just 1 hour north of Sydney.

After each weekly session you will receive:


  • A video recording of the class

  • Detailed course notes

  • Additional tools and processes to use each week to apply the learning to your self and your life


As part of the program you'll also be included in a Private Facebook Group so you can ask questions of Juliet throughout the entire training and beyond. It will also provide you with the added benefit of being part of a wonderfully supportive group to assist you every step of the way.

Investment for this 4 month Foundational Training program is $1500 which includes the 3 day residential retreat, light vegetarian meals and free shared guest accomodation. Payment plans are available upon request.

To register your interest simply click on the button below. 

If you have any questions you'd like to ask to ensure whether or not this course is right for you and/or you would like to discuss a payment plan, alternative class day/time, or any others concerns feel free to contact me on 0413 199649 or email: and I will get back to you asap.

I look forward to hearing from you and to passing on my learning and experience to those who would like to learn more you on their spiritual path.


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