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Self Talk, Limiting Beliefs

Are you low on energy?

Imagine for a moment that you are filled with the boundless energy of a young child. From the moment you wake up in the morning you bounce out of bed feeling refreshed and invigorated. You have loads of energy to get everything done throughout the day that needs doing. And you still have plenty of energy left over at the end of the day for the fun stuff you really enjoy. When you finally get into bed at night you fall into the most beautiful deep sleep having had the most wonderfully satisfying day!

Feel how much happier you are when you connect with your natural youthful vitality and vigour, feeling energised and fulfilled!

As an adult, if your batteries are flat and you don't have enough energy, then let's face it - you're not getting the most out of life! Why? Because everything requires energy.

Without energy you can't breathe, think, feel, or function properly. If your batteries are running on empty then you'll not only be feeling flat, lethargic and tired, but you won't be enjoying yourself as much as you could be.

But how much vitality and energy you have depends on the state of your internal battery.

You need all 4 types of ENERGY

You see, your internal battery has four cells in it that generate four different types of energy. Most people tend to think of energy in the physical sense in terms of having enough PHYSICAL energy. But you also need plenty of MENTAL energy, EMOTIONAL energy and SPIRITUAL energy in order to function at your best and get the most enjoyment out of all areas of life.

The problem is that all four energy cells are interconnected, so when you deplete your energy stores on one level, it affects your energy on all levels - and this is when tiredness and fatigue set in as you loose your natural youthful vitality. It is often said that young children have boundless energy because they don't have a care in the world - and this is truer than you might realise.

So why am I so TIRED all the time?

Apart from specific medical problems, there are two main factors that cause your batteries to run flat and for you to feel low in energy.

1 - You are Losing Energy through ENERGETIC BLOCKAGES and DRAINSWe all encounter ENERGY BLOCKAGES and DRAINS.

These are things that sap our energy, causing us physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual stress, and depleting us of our natural vitality. They include any unresolved concerns be they past, present or future. Things such as:

Relationship problems

  • Dealing with difficult people

  • Financial worries

  • Family concerns

  • Job uncertainties

  • Traumas

  • Workplace difficulties

  • Fears and negative belief patterns

Old issues create energy leaks that divert vital energy away from the present. Ignoring or denying them simply keeps these energy blockages and diversions in place and does nothing to restore your energy to its maximum potential. Using clearing techniques to seal these leaks and free up the energy that is required to hold these blockages in place, helps return your vital energy.

Things that are worrying or concerning you at the moment will also be reducing your energy levels. Clearing the energy of the emotions involved and shifting your perspective and beliefs will help minimise your energy loss and increase your vitality and well-being.

2 - You are not Recharging Your Energy with the Right ENERGY BOOSTS

The other primary factor contributing to poor energy levels is failing to nourish ourselves with the right energy boosts.

Sometimes we forget that our battery can only last for so long before it needs recharging. Knowing what BOOSTS your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies is the other half of the equation to improving your energy levels.

Our basic needs are pretty simple really. We need clean air, a bit of food, lots of clean water, positive physical and mental stimulation, some time out, a solid amount of uninterrupted sleep, a safe and comfortable environment, and positive connections with Self as well as with the people around us.

These are like our basic ENERGETIC VITAMINS in order to feel alive, energised and envigorated. Not too much to ask really. As babies, if we are missing any of these physical, mental, emotional or spiritual vitamins in our day, then we STOP THRIVING. As adults we are no different - we still need the same daily energetic inputs.

Most people forget this and think that as adults we can run on less sleep, poor nutrition, less social interaction, stale environments and an excess of stress. It's no wonder that babies are the ones doing all the smiling nowadays, whilst adults are struggling to maintain their energy, vitality and enjoyment in life.


You need to identify the particular mix of ENERGY VITAMINS that help YOU feel good. These are the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual things you need each and every day in order for you to feel ENERGISED and to feel good within your Self.

You can start uncovering the best energy vitamins for you by taking a few moments to explore your answers to the following questions:

  1. What things nourish me physically and make my body feel good?

  2. What things nourish me mentally, stimulating my thinking? What things help to centre me and quiet my mind from all the mental chatter?

  3. What things nourish me emotionally? What things help clear my emotions and help me feel at ease?

  4. What things nourish my spirit? What things help me feel a sense of connection with my higher self?

Or you can get started with any of the following energy boosts and notice the difference it makes to the way you feel - the more you do the better you'll feel!

CLEAR FOODS - Eat clear fresh foods that nourish your body rather than using up more energy for digesting foods loaded in fats and sugars.

WATER - Stress places a strain on our kidneys and depletes us of water, so drink at least 2 litres of clean clear water every day.

SLEEP - Ensure you get 7 to 8 hours uninterrupted quality sleep each night (sleep interruptions are a sign your body is bothered by something and is trying to get your attention to alert you to the problem).

NATURE - Nature's clearing properties re-energise our body, so get fresh air into your lungs, a small amount of sun directly on your skin, take your shoes off and walk bare foot in the park to connect with the earth's magnetic energies, and sit by the water or go for a swim to help clear stagnant emotional energy.

MEDITATE - Try meditating for even as little as 60 seconds to give your brain some quiet time to be still and recall its energy.

MUSIC - Movement boosts our energy so listen to uplifting music and get your body moving to the beat.

CREATIVITY - Do something creative to invite your creative energies to flow and invigorate the right side of your brain.

INTERACT - Energise using other people's energy and ensure you have social interaction in your life on a regular basis.

TOUCH - Physical touch feeds us positive loving energy whilst clearing stress hormones, so get some physical contact, even if it means paying for a massage.

Create your own list of things that BOOST YOUR ENERGY LEVELS and make you FEEL GOOD. Then keep your list in a readily accessible place, so you can easily refer to it. Do something to boost your energy levels every few hours, or at least once a day to feel great and RE-ENERGISE! By learning how to manage your energy, you'll be able to maximise your energy levels, improve your focus, productivity and effectiveness at work and still have plenty of energy leftover to do everything else you want to do in all areas of life. Unleash your natural energy reserves and you'll feel like a young child again!

Until next time…

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