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Joy, Happiness, Living In Bliss

JOY: 'A state of happiness or delight.'

Whenever I ask someone why they want the things they want in life, the answer is always the same: Because they believe it will make them happy. We're all happiness chasers. We all want to feel happy within ourselves and the way we live our lives. For me, it's about the joy factor. When I'm connected with the essence of who I am I feel a joyfulness within me and my inner light radiates for all to share. When I'm living from that joyfilled place within my Being, filled with joy regardless of what is or isn't going on around me, that's when I experience the true beauty and magnificence of each and every moment and life becomes a divine blessing. If you'd like to tap into your inner joy, here's 10 tips to get you started on your path to joyfilled bliss: #1 - Don't take anything too seriously. Nothing is ever as serious as it seems. There is always light on the other side of every tunnel. #2 - Look to find the humour in situations. Not to make light of the situation but to bring light to the situation. #3 - Be lovingly respectful to everyone and everything. Tread lightly in your intent and be aware of the footprints you leave on people's lives. #4 - Seek to give whilst allowing yourself to receive. To give without allowing yourself to receive in return is to live a life of self sacrifice that will leave you empty and unable to give to anyone. #5 - See the beauty in everything. God is all around you. See the beauty, touch it everywhere, invite it to illuminate your heart and life. #6 - Sing more. When you sing the energy sends vibrations through your entire being that uplifts your energy. # 7 - Dance often. Dance is the body's expression of joy as it lets go of the strictures of a socially conditioned life. #8 - Ask: How can I bring more joy to this moment? Open your heart, ask the question and then action the wisdom that comes. #9 - Be not afraid. Fear is the opposite of joy. When you're in fear your energy contracts. When you're in joy your energy expands. There is nothing to be fearful of in this moment, so be not afraid. #10 - Smile in your heart and allow the corners of your lips to follow :) Smile for no reason other than the desire to live a more joy-filled life! As you smile in your heart, so the joy will be drawn into your being and the Essence of who you are shall radiate your Divine light within you as it illuminates all around you. Until next time... Happy Manifesting!!!

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